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iControlPad team claims Gametel controller 'IP violation', contacts lawyers

Control yourselves

Product: iControlPad | Manufacturer: iControlPad
iControlPad Android, thumbnail 1
If you think the iOS and Android iControlPad Bluetooth peripheral and the recently featured Gametel wireless controller both look more than a little bit similar, you're not the only one.

Pocket Gamer has been contacted by the iControlPad's Craig Rothwell, who has informed us that he plans to take legal action over the Gametel Bluetooth controller.

"We're speaking to our lawyers in regards to an obvious IP violation," Rothwell said.

According to the iControlPad's creator, the Gametel alternative is "inferior" and an "obvious rip off of the British made iControlpad".

You can check them both out for yourself in the images below.


Gametel wireless controller

Reviewer photo
Anthony Usher 17 November 2011
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Dec 2011
Post count:
xwatchmanx | 19:28 - 20 December 2011
What this article fails to mention is that the ICP team isn't set to hold a monopoly for "theft" of an idea that's been around since Nintendo's wavebird. Rather, they're doing this self-defensively since Gametele claims to have a patent on the design... a design that the ICP released beforehand. As we know from experience with Apple vs. pretty much every smartphone manufacturer, this could spell legal trouble for the ICP team even though their design predates the Gametele.

And honestly, not meaning to be fanboyish or rude, but have any of you here criticizing the ICP EVER played with one? I mean, I've had an ICP for about a month and a half now, and it works flawlessly. It doesnt hurt my hands even after hours of playing (the most i have played without a substantial break was maybe 1 1/2 - 2 hrs), and I play it just as regularly as I did with my gamegripper and touchscreen before.

I do agree with the criticism regarding lack of support, but honestly, that's more the fault of the developers overall, not the ICP team itself. ALso, ICP is mostly directed at the likes of emulators (especially "newer" emulators like N64oid and FPSE), so right there you're talking something like 6-8 emulators, each of which has at least 100 game ROMs available.

In the end, it depends what you want to do. If you want to play SNES and N64 and PSOne with near perfectly accurate controls (shoulder buttons and all) on your phone, this might be a worthy investment if you're wiling to spend the money. If that's not your interest, then it's not. simple as that.

And at the earlier comment, yeah you can use a wiimote, but how practically? are you honestly going to prop your phone up against something or look down at a table while you hold the wiimote separately? idk about other people, but for me, in that case I'd be better off pulling out my laptop and loading up the emulators there. the point of the ICP is to provide mobility and controls in one effective piece for mobile gaming.
Dec 2011
Post count:
Codylew | 03:36 - 2 December 2011
Neither are a good option. I can play old games with wiimote rather than spend $80 on a crappy controller. Better design would be to design a slide out game pad just like Xperia play except with nubs rather than touch pads. The touch pads where just as bad as touch sceen controls the only thing that was better was my thumbs didn't cover the screen. The iPhone needs buttons desperately. Also if I'm going to spend $80 it would be on apple tv and use the iPhone as a controller for the game and play it on my tv. The iPhone has a chance to a top mobile gaming platform if it only had a great game pad with buttons and dual analog and yet apple doesnt seem to care. What a shame!
Jul 2008
Post count:
lumothesinner | 11:25 - 18 November 2011
There is a decent game pad - the icontrolpad

Fine you don't like the looks, doesn't mean its terrible or uncomfortable at all. I played metroid:fusion all the way through in one sitting with this "lame" product, 4 hours (yes i suck, should have managed 3) with a ergonomically bad controller, my hands should have fallen off. They didnt and I went on to play Zelda LTTP until my phone died.

Very few games support it natively yes, icp guys are working on that, but all icade games work and if you jailbreak to get emulators, well you probably have more games to use than are even available on the appstore (of course you wont own them all as you have to own the original to play the rom).

And its most definitely suited to a pocket, detach it from your iphone or whatever and it ends up being smaller than a iphone, stick phone in one pocket and the pad in other, or do you only have one pocket. its not like all the people with xperia plays or keyboards phones leave the pad/board out when storing it.
Nov 2011
Post count:
Tronotron | 09:53 - 18 November 2011
Lame product and even lamer rip-off. Very few games support it and even fewer worth playing.
These developers have failed by tryling to produce a "pocket" controller with an obvious lack of ergonomics. This will probably hurt after half an hour of playing.

It seems that Apple, the company that brought us the one-button mouse and took so long to admit they were wrong (not by saying anything but by quietly introducing a right click) deliberately refuses any attempt at that, insisting on touch screen controls that do not work and are useless for anything more than 1-minute games.
Nov 2011
Post count:
vw | 05:48 - 18 November 2011
Huh? The only kind of similar aspect is the phone holder bracket. Everything is just standard gamepad layout...

iControlPad won't have a case to stand on. If they did, then theoretically Nintendo could sue every game pad maker for have a D-Pad 4 buttons design ripped off from the SNES.
Nov 2011
Post count:
MattHM | 02:28 - 18 November 2011
They look nothing alike?
Gametel looks alot sleeker though.
Mar 2011
Post count:
DeInit | 23:37 - 17 November 2011
They both look terrible, IMO.