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Upcoming iPhone games - Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode II and The Sandbox

The most exciting iPhone and iPad games on the horizon
Product: Upcoming iOS games | Publisher: Steel Media Ltd | Format: iPhone, iPad
Upcoming iOS games Multiformat, thumbnail 1
Every Friday, we like to finish off the week by looking ahead and talking about the iPhone and iPad games that are just over the horizon.

This week, the news has been about games that are so far over the horizon, they're on another continent.

Angry Birds developer Rovio has announced its new game - the Incredible Machine-alike Amazing Alex - but there's no word on when it will drop onto the App Store.

Likewise, epic iOS action game Republique - a dystopian adventure, from a bevy of video game veterans - has hit its monster $500,000 Kickstarter target, but it won't be available to play for many months.

Until those games hit the App Store, we'll make do with these upcoming titles...

Note: Dates, prices, and features are subject to change at the whim of the developer and Apple's approval team. Dates were correct at time of publication.

The Sandbox
By Pixowl - out on iPhone on May 15th


The Sandbox might just be the most ambitious game ever made for the iPhone. It's an exhaustive simulation of the natural world, which aims to slavishly replicate the physics and interactions on planet earth.

So, dump soil in water, and you're left with a sludgy pile of mud. Put fire near wood, and hear your inner arsonist giggle with glee as the whole thing goes up in flames. Freeze water in mid-air, and it drops down as snow.

The premise is intoxicating. You'll use this scientific know-how in the puzzle-led campaign to unlock further elements for use in the Sandbox mode. Figure out how rocks and water turn into sand, for example, and you'll have a new silty plaything for beach scenes.

During the game's beta test, many players used the editor as an unofficial pixel-art studio. Developer Pixowl has run with the idea, letting you share your creations with the world - either through the game or on web hangouts like Facebook.

The Sandbox will be free when it hits the App Store on May 15th, and you'll use real-world cash or in-game currency to unlock more exotic elements like lightning and oil.

Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode II
By Sega - out on iPhone and iPad on May 16th (source)


There's a good reason Sega took a little longer than expected to release a second episode for Sonic The Hedgehog 4.

After receiving some less-than-positive comments about the game's wonky physics, the developer has gone back to the drawing board and come up with a new engine that should make the game feel a little bit closer to the Mega Drive original.

Episode II will feature Little Island, from fan-favourite Sonic CD, plus nasty villain-bot Metal Sonic will show up - to ruin Sonic's day. Luckily, our spiny hedgehog hero can call upon the services of fuzzy fox companion Tails to even the odds somewhat.

Tails has three moves to help you get through the tricky bits. The copter combo lifts Sonic up and over obstacles, while his submarine special zips through any underwater sections. Tails and Sonic can also team up for a rolling dash to plough through objects and enemies.

Episode II is due to hit consoles next week. As for iPhone, Sonic The Hedgehog 4 brand manager Ken Balough told Pocket Gamer that his team is "aiming for as close to the May 16th date as possible".

Reviewer photo
Mark Brown 11 May 2012
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