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Or how to get your game covered on Pocket Gamer
Product: Pocket Gamer | Publisher: Steel Media
Pocket Gamer Multiformat, thumbnail 1
You can now send your articles to us and even get them published directly on Pocket Gamer, via the PG Business Network. Click here for further details or read the Business Network section at the bottom of the page. It's long(ish) but totally worthwhile.

General advice for PR
If you're looking for coverage, the most important thing is to make an interesting game. Assuming you've got that covered, you can improve your chances of being noticed by following the steps below when you email us.

- Make sure you include trailers, screenshots, and relevant information.
- Send us promo codes BEFORE your game goes live on the App Store. Don't worry - we won't publish reviews until the day the game goes live in the UK. It just helps us to get our reviews ready for launch days. And don't ask whether we want one - just send it.
- The same goes for .APK files if you're an Android developer. (We promise not to share them with anybody else.)
- If Pocket Gamer or one of our beloved rivals has already covered one of your games it's a good idea to remind us and include a link to the story.
- Don't be afraid to name drop and tell us about any significant industry experience. If your best friend and mentor is Shigeru Miyamoto or you worked on Big Console Game X, that could be what makes your email stand out from the dozens of others we get on a given day.
- Write an interesting email. It sounds obvious, but no matter how good your game is if you send us an email ignoring all of the above advice there's a very good chance we'll miss it.

And it doesn't end with the story. If we said something nice about your game or gave it an award at review, feel free to quote us, and get in touch if you want a copy of the award graphic to use on your site or promotional materials. A nod from Pocket Gamer could be what you need to get your game noticed by consumers or other sites.

We are happy to agree to embargoes when accepting code and early access to information and assets, but as soon as that material is in the public domain (through official channels, misadventure, or because another site has broken the embargo), we consider the embargo to be void in relation specifically to the published material.

We won't publish information or material not in the public domain before the agreed time.

We reserve the right to publish reviews as soon as the games in question are available, on the grounds that if a member of the public can render an opinion it makes no sense for a website whose function is criticism not to exercise the same freedom.


If you’d like to give something away to our readers in a competition, please contact competitions [at] pocketgamer.co.uk.

Promo codes
We're always very happy to receive iTunes promo codes for reviews, of course, but we're also happy to publish the ones we don't use on Twitter and Facebook. If you have some promo codes to give away, mail them to promocodes [at] pocketgamer.co.uk.

If you’d like to advertise on Pocket Gamer, there’s a range of options available to you. Contact advertising [at] pocketgamer.co.uk.

Pocket Gamer has an unrivalled editorial team and a great deal of experience providing high quality content to partners. To enquire about syndicating content from Pocket Gamer, contact chris [at] pocketgamer.co.uk.

Are you a talented and knowledgeable writer looking for a bit of freelance work or a full-time job? We generally advertise posts, but it can't hurt to drop us a line anyway - jobs [at] pocketgamer.co.uk

Tech Support
If you've spotted a bug, want to see something added or have any other tech enquiries, feel free to make contact at techsupport [at] pocketgamer.co.uk

And don't forget our industry-focused sister site PocketGamer.biz. If you have an announcement or a piece of news that's more relevant to members of the mobile gaming industry than to the wider public, editor Jon Jordan would love to hear about it: jon [at] pocketgamer.co.uk.

Pocket Gamer is a Steel Media site. If you'd like to know about any of Steel Media's other sites or magazines, visit www.steelmedia.co.uk.

The team in full
Mark Brown, editor
Harry Slater, reviews editor
Peter Willington,handheld editor
Jon Mundy, writer
Chris Priestman, writer
Rob Hearn, managing editor, Steel Media
Jon Jordan, PG.biz editor-at-large
Keith Andrew, PG.biz editor
Chris Kerr, PG.biz writer
George Osborn, events editor
Alex Rennie, sales manager
David Ranki, business development executive
Chris James, managing director

The PG Business Network

Every day the Pocket Gamer team receives at least 100 messages from game developers relating to their upcoming projects, be it looking for news, previews, reviews, or just a chat.

To date we've done our best to give time to each and all of these, looking at every game before deciding what makes sense for our audience (and indeed the developers themselves) to cover.

Of course the truth is that we can't cover every single story or review requested and even if we could, we probably wouldn't do that. Our job is not to list everything in existence, but rather to curate what we think is most relevant, exciting and appealing to us and our audience.

This means that not all the games will get the editorial coverage requested and we understand that this can be hard to take and frustrating.

In the past, we could have done much better in terms of explaining where we stand on your submissions. This isn't because we don't care - it's purely a function of time and resources.

Now, however, we think we have a solution.

From now on we urge you to make use of our business network system rather than mailing us directly.

This may take slightly longer, and it may even be a little imperfect a process to begin with (please tell us where we can improve), but the all flipside is that it will ensure that you know exactly what's happening with your submission.

You'll be able to see when we looked at it, whether we're planning to feature it, and, if not, why we've chosen to pass on it what you can do to fare better next time.

And it's free.

You'll also be able to see all of the stories that we've written about you and your company/games (on both biz and consumer sites) in one easily access place, and you'll be able to utilise our new Developers' Corner feature to push your submission directly and you'll also reap the benefits (such as free reports, upcoming event details, and much more).

You can read more and register for the PG Business Network here.

Reviewer photo
Pocket Gamer staff  27 February 2005
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Aug 2014
Post count:
Aron Davis | 15:20 - 11 August 2014
Who would I contact about about submitting a game? It's not apparent on the site.

Aug 2014
Post count:
Rajesh Sharma | 18:41 - 8 August 2014
It is so good for time pass that's give you

unbelievable moment. In this game have lots of fun.

It if free download game. This app is very good time pass with enjoyable app easy to play and its give you

lots of fun.
Godd time pass game !!! I love it playing! enjoyable! and it give you lots of fun. Happy gaming

By Anatoli Eidelman
Aug 2014
Post count:
@RockWuTheGame | 00:14 - 2 August 2014
Hi, I'm a one man Indie shop and I just launched my first game called RockWu on the iTunes App Store. It's honestly one of the best new games out there, that no one knows about. Ok, I developed it. But still ...

It's an old school arcade type puzzle game. and its FREE. Its best described as a Tetris-styled game with a Rock-Paper-Scissors twist. Weird marriage, I know. But when you play it, it makes perfect sense. It uses great '8-bit styled' music, has nice graphics and effects. The game play is intuitive and easy to get started. And, its just plain a blast to play, according to my personal experience and from its reviews. Everyone from kids to adults have enjoyed it.

It uses Game Center and has nice leaderboards and accomplishments. I'm asking that you please give it a play or two and I honestly think you'll find it quite addictive.

the RockWu Developer - Pete
Jul 2014
Post count:
Joxe Villar | 14:04 - 31 July 2014

Reading the other comments I wonder if is this the place to send you games so you can review it?

Thank you
Jul 2014
Post count:
Twitchy Finger | 07:23 - 28 July 2014

We're a small game startup and just launched our first game, Furball Rampage. It's free and out on Google Play at the moment, iOS version will be out around mid-August.

It's a horizontal runner combined with smash and destruction like the old school Rampage game.
Lots of characters and sidekicks to choose from, each with their own abilities.
Loads of missions and unlockables to complete and discover.

Google Play Link -

It'll be great if Pocket Gamer can review or give their two cents on our game. Most of all, hope you guys will have fun playing it.

The Twitchy Finger Team
Jul 2014
Post count:
Hansjürg Wüthrich | 08:36 - 25 July 2014
Hi there !

I just want to say, that the following Apps are FREE for a limited time

BALANZZE - Physics Puzzler

PLEEZZ - Physics Puzzler

CONSOLES HD - Video Game Consoles Encyclopedia iPad Free4Ever
Jul 2014
Post count:
Jani Vaarala | 08:28 - 16 July 2014

Me and my friend own a small game startup (just two guys). We have just launched our first match-3 style puzzle game on Facebook (works only from computers so far, but iOS version is going to be out soon).

The game is called: Monsters of Murkland

I think we have a really cool story and theme in the game and the story is bound to the in game action too. Also, we have some new cool in-game elements (though some of them come later in the game) that I haven't seen in other match-3 games that I've tried.

Check it out at https://apps.facebook.com/monstersofmurkland

I hope you enjoy it :-)
Jul 2014
Post count:
@TrytekNL | 14:58 - 14 July 2014

Finally we released the first port of our retro games for android. See: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=trytek.game.retroWarfare

Retro Warfare will bring you back to retro gaming days, it will remind you of the old days when you played games like Mario and Megaman.

Hopefully you will enjoy it!
Jul 2014
Post count:
byw | 14:00 - 13 July 2014

I am part of an indie gaming studio for mobile game.

We just released our first title: Blast Your Way.

Blast Your Way is taking Tower Defense games to the next level making your defense objective travel thru the real streets of Manhattan. Players are to protect vehicle carrying money as it travels from point A to point B, but instead of directly controlling the car or anyone in it you’ll snipe out of existence anything that stands in the vehicle’s way or that tries to ram it to get the loot, using various types of weapons. If you start feeling overwhelmed you can drag special weapons onto the playing field such as landmines, bombs and even air strikes.

Here is where you can download it:

I would love if your Pocker Gamer can review our game.
Avi Barides
C4 Gaming
Jul 2014
Post count:
FieryNyan | 08:41 - 13 July 2014
Here's a new game I made : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ekazaam.shift2free

It's created as a sequel to a very popular game.

Shift 2 is based on the negative-space centric platform concept in a style elegant, yet minimalistic, and pulsating with spy music. Navigate your man of mystery along the levels and to jump.
After a couple of warm-up levels, you'll need to master the art of Shift.
Shifting flips you beneath the floor on which you are standing, and reverses both your body color and gravity. It's up to you to spot the paths that are available using this mechanism, and to figure out how to make it to the exit for each level. Hindering — or occasionally helping — your progress are impassable platforms, which can be rotated out of the way by collecting the proper key.
One of the best puzzle game ever!
JOIN THE DISCUSSION: 172 comments >>