Where's My Water? Cranky's Story 3-star video walkthrough for Cranky's First Course
By James Gilmour 27 January 2012
Game Name: Where's My Water? | Developer: Creature Feep | Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Puzzle
While Swampy the Alligator has been struggling with his plumbing, his reptilian nemesis Cranky has been sniggering behind the scenes.

It turns out Cranky is to blame for Swampy's showering woes, and Disney and Walaber have decided that it's time to focus on this unscrupulous sewer dweller in Where's My Water?'s first premium update: Cranky's Story.

Cranky's not concerned with personal hygiene: instead, he's far more worried about the amount of algae covering his dinner.

He needs you to funnel a stream of toxic purple sludge toward Cranky's plate so that he can burn off the algae and get on with his meal.

To help you keep Cranky fed, Pocket Gamer has unearthed a selection of videos that will guide you through the first 20 of the new stages.

If that wasn't enough, you can also check out the complete Where's My Water? Cranky's Story guide for further hints and tips.

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