RocketCat goes deeper, more hardcore with action RPG Wayward Saga
By Jon Jordan 03 April 2013
Game Name: Wayward Souls (formerly Wayward Saga) | Developer: RocketCat Games | Publisher: RocketCat Games | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, RPG
One of the most enjoyable - if exhausting parts - of GDC 2013 was the Big Indie Pitch.

Organised and scheduled by Jeff Scott from 148Apps (or the school master as we now call him), it combined 24 game developers and 10 journalists into a busy 2 hour period.

That meant just 5 minutes per game but even within those constraints, we saw some gems.

Every level different

Well known for titles like Pocket Gamer Gold Award winner Punch Quest amongst others, RocketCat's next game is Wayward Saga.

The follow up to Mage Gauntlet, it's another classic-style action-RPG that will have you hacking, slashing, looting and levelling up through randomly generated dungeons.

"We're going for a Zelda plus Dark Souls vibe," developer Kepa Auwae tells us.

Sucking up your life

As with all RocketCat games, huge replay value, deep gameplay and plenty of unlockables are promised.

The game will be free-to-play on iOS with one character available for free (you can play through the entire game), but you'll have to buy other characters if you want to try other classes. (As in League of Legends.) These are variations on paladin, rogue, mage etc.

Kepa also says the game will be as hard as hardcore mode on Diablo, albeit with some level checkpoints and permanent character upgrades.

"It's harsh for iOS," he says.

Wayward Saga should be out in May.

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