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Chair Entertainment's new game is out tomorrow - Vote!!!
by Will Wilson 22/8/2012
Product: Vote!!!
Developer: Chair Entertainment
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Action, Fighting
Erm, okay. So, this is definitely real - we checked the developer history and everything. We're still a little surprised, mind.

Chair, the team behind the excellent Infinity Blade series, has a new game out - it's called Vote!!!. It's a "slapstick battle" for the White House, where you play as either Romney or Obama, in what looks like an Infinity Blade-style dodge 'n' slash-type game.

Yeah, I know, we didn't see it coming, either.

You can deck out the US President and the presidential candidate in a variety of costumes, as well as change the weapon of choice (ranging from microphones to lightsabers and ice cream cones).

The game's free, and is out in New Zealand at the moment, which means it'll be hitting the US and UK from midnight tonight GMT.

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