5 iOS genres the zombies haven't infected yet
By Jon Mundy 20 July 2013
Game Name: Top 5 iPhone charts | Format: iPhone, iPad
Have you heard? Zombies are taking over world. But rather than rise up and break down our doors en masse, they're pursuing a much more subtle method of conquest.

They've started with the media. You can't swing a blood-stained axe around these parts without hitting a zombie-themed movie, comic, TV show, or video game.

From World War Z at the box office to The Walking Dead on TV, and through to Plants vs Zombies 2 on iOS, this obsession with all things undead is getting a little old now.

Indeed, when we set to thinking of iOS game genres that haven't been infected by the zombie virus, we realised they were a dying breed.

Here's our best effort to come up with a list. Some of these may already have fallen to the zombie threat, unbeknownst to us. The rest will no doubt succumb in due time.

When they inevitably do, here's how we reckon the zombie versions could play out.

Zombie rhythm action

Zombies aren't known for their rhythm. Being dead tends to make the joints a little stiff, we hear. But we can imagine a kitschy, ghoulish beat-matching game filled with 'Thriller'-like dance moves and campy 'Monster Mash' beats.

Alternatively, each rhythmic touch or swipe could launch an attack on a member of the undead. It would bring a whole new meaning to the phrase 'the soundtrack to the end of the world.'

Zombie squad-based strategy

This one has real potential. Imagine an intimate XCOM-like strategy game where your immediate environment plays a huge part in each battle. But instead of numerically and tactically similar opponents, your small squad is up against dozens of zombies.

Line of sight, covering each other's backs, diversionary tactics, and resource management would each play a huge part in each tense battle.

Zombie freemium city builder

The only thing we've had more of than zombie games is freemium city builder games.

Okay, maybe not, but we're far more fed up with them. One thing that could reignite our interest in the genre would be to scrap the usual cutesy fantasy worlds and set you to work building a community amid the zombie apocalypse.

You could scope out abandoned facilities; raise defences; recruit citizens with unique skills (medical or firearms, for example); and even battle against fellow players and their communities.

Zombie RPG

We've had plenty of straight-up fantasy RPGs on iOS, and even a smattering of sci-fi RPGs. In such a stagnant environment as this, adding some zombie magic could actually freshen things up considerably.

Wandering around a ravaged world, meeting survivors, crafting new weapons from random components, and battling a constant stream of the undead sounds like all kinds of fun.

It also sounds a bit like Fallout 3 (pictured) on console and PC - but with more brain-munching, which only makes us like the idea more.

Zombie word game

Word games tend to be gentle affairs, with the most stressful thing being how to use up a 'Q' with 15 seconds left on the clock. Now imagine there's a member of the undead shuffling towards you, and the only word they're thinking about begins with 'B' and ends in 'S'.

Yeah, okay. Maybe there's a reason there haven't been any zombie-themed word games up to now...

Can you think of any other iOS game genres that haven't been touched by the zombie plague as yet? Any fresh ideas? Let us know in the comments section below.
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