Top 5 iOS games to play on Valentine's Day
By James Gilmour 11 February 2013
Game Name: Top 5 charts | Format: iPhone, iPad
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, many developers are releasing romantically charged updates for their most popular mobile games.

However, while Disney's Where's My Valentine? throws a lot of hearts at your smartphone screen, it's still a single-player game - hardly ideal for that most romantic of evenings.

If you really want to ignite the flames of passion, then, you're going to need a game which gets you and your partner's fingers tapping at the same time.

To help power your digital love ship towards the Island of Amore, we've drawn up a list of five games which are guaranteed to generate a little extra electricity.


By Game Oven - buy on iPad

If there's a game more sexually symbolic than Fingle, we haven't found it.

In order to complete each level, both players' fingers must remain in contact with a group of moving squares for a set period of time.

While the description doesn't sound particularly hot, the developers have engineered it so that your digits spend most of the game sliding suggestively between the other player's.

Though it's essentially animated Twister for your hands, Fingle is surprisingly filthy. A great icebreaker that's guaranteed to have you giggling (and groping) within seconds.

Ring Fling

By mugarthur - buy for iPhone, iPad

This interesting twist on the air hockey formula creates plenty of opportunities for accidental finger collisions.

Rather than using a paddle to whack a disc into a goal, Ring Fling has you whipping small hoops at a red counter, in an effort to propel it into your opponent's safe zone (oo-er, missus).

It's a frantic, fast-paced game, which means you're both sure to work up a mean sweat during play.

Also, the sheer number of vigorous swipes required to win makes the accidental brushing of pinkies inevitable, setting you up for the irresistible one-liner: "Oh, I'm sorry - did my finger touch your ring?"

Words With Friends
By Zynga - buy on iPhone, iPad

Over the years, Scrabble has been used to deliver thousands of romantically charged messages.

Whether it's a simple case of filling the board with words like 'love' and 'adore', or finding as many different synonyms for 'copulate' as your tiles will allow, this boardgame understands the language of love.

Words With Friends has proved the most popular mobile interpretation of the Scrabble format, and is the perfect game for you and your paramour to express your mutual affection.

We recommend the pass-and-play mode for maximum contact, but the online mode is ideal for long distance relationships.

Fruit Ninja HD

By Halfbrick Studio - buy on iPad

They say that the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

Of course, a real man knows that food isn't for eating. As anyone who's played Fruit Ninja will know, food is for slicing into tiny pieces with an invisible katana.

If you pick up the iPad version of this swipe-based classic, you can go head-to-head with another player on the same iPad.

Between your mad kung-fu skills and the freely-flowing fruit juices, your partner will soon be aching for a good balling.*

Chess - Social Chess

By Woodchop Software - download for iPhone, iPad

When it comes to portraying sexual tension on the big screen, there are few scenes more infamous than the chess scene in The Thomas Crown Affair.

The sight of Faye Dunaway slowly stroking her bishop (no laughing at the back) while Steve McQueen tries to keep his cool is one of the most memorable on-screen seductions in cinema history.

Of course, it's all about digital nowadays, which means that opportunities to fondle phallic chess pieces are few and far between.

However, Woodchop Software's popular multiplayer chess app will let you and your partner recreate this sizzling encounter on your iPad. Don't worry: the daring gallery heist is entirely optional.

*It's the term to describe the deseeding of melons. Get your mind out of the gutter.
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