Top 10 iPhone and iPad games of January 2013
By Mark Brown 01 February 2013
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Every month, we like to look back at all the iPhone and iPad games that have come out in the past four weeks, and pick out the very best of the bunch.

It's never an exact science. There's no secret algorithm or formula. We just look at our review scores, check Quality Index, see what's still hanging around on our Home screens.

Fair warning: in January's list you're going to see the word 'addictive' a lot. We played many games over these past 30 days - dungeon-crawlers, freemium thingies, RPGs - that sank their teeth into us, and refused to let go.

As always, though, feel free to let us know your iPhone and iPad favourites in the comments section below.

By Red Winter Software - buy on iPhone and iPad


Thanks to their crushing difficulty and a cheeky penchant for permanent death, roguelikes are often best left to card-carrying RPG mega-fans.

But, the maker of addictive Dungelot offers up a cute and clever dungeon-trawling rogue-'em-up that anyone can enjoy. You just flip over tiles, whack the beasty hiding underneath, and waltz off to the next level.

And when you inevitably kick the bucket? You can use the cash from your previous attempts to level-up your warrior of choice.

Joe Danger
By Hello Games - buy on iPhone and iPad

Joe Danger

We know this comparison has been made many times now. But, it's just so perfect, we're going to repeat it. Joe Danger on iOS is to Joe Danger on PSN what Rayman Jungle Run is to Rayman Origins.

Remember how Pastagames took the bouncy essence of Origins, and fixed it up with mobile-friendly controls, bite-size levels, and slick social support for Jungle Run? Well, yes.

The Joe Danger DNA is still here - the British sense of humour, the colourful visuals, the smooth difficulty curve - but in a package that fits perfectly on iOS. An essential pick, we say.

Momonga Pinball Adventures
By Paladin Studios - buy on iPhone and iPad

Momonga Pinball Adventures

Don't be put off by the plunger and flippers. Momonga is a full-on action adventure, with side-quests, hidden areas, and even boss fights. Only, you traverse the levels and bounce yourself into baddies by playing pinball.

It's a clever genre mash-up, then, in which wild ball-batting is mixed with precision hits. It's also got gorgeous graphics and a cute story.

The flying bits are a bit naff, mind.

Time Surfer
By Kumobius - buy on iPhone and iPad

Time Surfer

If you're a reductionist who's short on time, you can describe a lot of apps by mashing together the names of two other games.

In the case of Time Surfer, you can sum up the entire thing by saying 'Tiny Wings-meets-Braid'.

No, it's not about the bird from Tiny Wings turning back the clock to undo a bad relationship or build a nuclear bomb or whatever Braid was harping on about. It's just a gratifying endless-flyer with a handy time rewind mechanic.

Which means it's frantic and utterly unpredictable and a lot of fun to play. You can, however, step back a few seconds if you mess up your run.

The Blockheads
By Majic Jungle Software - download free on iPhone and iPad

The Blockheads

There's a reason why Minecraft has influenced so many games. That core gameplay loop - digging deep into the earth, finding resources, and then using them to build stuff on the surface - is just plain satisfying.

2D adventure The Blockheads has that same satisfaction loop, but with a few subtle changes.

For one, exploring the enormous world - complete with giant oceans - is every bit as enticing as building a cool house. And two, you need to look after yourself, giving the game a cool Sims-like twist.

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes
By Tag Games - buy on iPhone and iPad

Might and Magic Clash of Heroes

Might & Magic will test your puzzle game prowess first, and your strategic smarts second.

In a page ripped out of the Book of Bejeweled, fighting in Clash of Heroes is about matching up units of the same type and colour. You can kick off chain reactions to earn more turns, and plan several moves ahead to get enormous bonuses.

These satisfying and oh-so-addictive battles crop up in the frankly enormous single-player campaign, and in the suite of multiplayer modes (including moreish asynchronous play).

Wave Trip
By Lucky Frame - buy on iPhone and iPad

Wave Trip

Scottish studio Lucky Frame has a thing for procedurally generated soundtracks. Last time around, every turret on Bad Hotel's weaponised B&B added an extra tone to the game's evolving soundtrack.

Now, its the turn of the shmup. As you collect gems and avoid baddies in this otherworldly side-scrolling adventure, you'll systematically orchestrate new offbeat tunes for yourself.

It's good fun, and sounds great. If you like indie games with style and flair, check it out.

By OrangePixel - buy on iPhone and iPad


The latest game from retro specialist OrangePixel seems like it takes its cues from Metal Slug. It's side-scrolling jungle warfare, after all, with chunky armoured vehicles and over-the-top explosions.

But, I think it's more like Super Crate Box. It plays out at a lightning-quick pace. And as soon as you get used to one weapon - maybe a flamethrower or a grenade launcher - you'll have swapped it out for another.

Whatever its influences, Gunslugs is frantic and entertaining, and plays surprisingly well on the touchscreen.

Pixel People
By LambdaMu Games - download free on iPhone and iPad

Pixel People

This month, I spent a truly embarrassing amount of time playing Pixel People, a freemium world builder where you splice together genes in an intergalactic effort to rebuild and repopulate the planet.

It's got all the usual freemium fluff - lengthy wait timers, in-app purchases, and utterly brainless gameplay - but collecting all 150 pixellated professions has been a hazardously addictive task.

Considering the sheer number of man-hours spent on this game, it's only fair it makes the Top 10. Don't worry: I've deleted it off my iPad mini.

Little Inferno
By Tomorrow Corporation - buy on iPad

Little Inferno

But, if freemium games aren't for you, then may we recommend a suitable alternative?

Little Inferno is a biting, Banksy-style satire of such mindless screen-tapping collectathons. It mimics those time sink freemium apps, then makes you feel like a dummy for wasting your time on them.

Thankfully, the game itself is enjoyable, too. You simply toss household goodies (and rejected toys and locust eggs and nuclear warheads) into a fireplace to watch them burn.

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