[UPDATE] Tin Man Games bringing new Fighting Fantasy gamebooks to iOS and Android from August
By Will Wilson 25 May 2012
Game Name: Tin Man Games news | Manufacturer: Tin Man Games | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
UPDATE: A few more details have been added since first publication.

Tin Man Games, the developer behind the Gamebook Adventures series on iOS and Android, has announced that it has managed to secure one of the biggest franchises in interactive adventures: Fighting Fantasy, starting in August.

The Fighting Fantasy books should stir some memories in all '70s and '80s children (If you can remember them, turn to page 10. If not, turn to page 8.























Page 8

Originally created by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, the Fighting Fantasy series of stories saw players making decisions, fighting monsters, rolling dice, and turning pages depending on what you chose.

Or, if you were anything like the majority of players out there, you'd just stick your thumb on the page you were currently on and take a peek at each outcome, like the no-good cheating so-and-so you are. 

Now, turn to page 10.



























Page 10

The Fighting Fantasy books were the focus for the recent Make Something Unreal challenge, in which a number of young teams took some of the most famous books and created a game from them using the Unreal Engine.

We're expecting Tin Man Games will be taking a more traditional approach to the subject matter than those titles, however, given their background in interactive books.

To learn more about the titles heading to iOS and Android, turn to page 15. Otherwise, turn to page 300.






















Page 15

The first title to come out from the deal will be a new title, written by Ian Livingstone, called Blood of the Zombies, in which you wake up to find yourself kidnapped and bound in an underground cell in Romania.

Additional games in the pipeline include a "number of the other Fighting Fantasy books", with House of Hell likely to be the next release.

You can read more about Tin Man's attempts to resurrect the classic gamebooks of the past by turning to page 27.
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