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This Could Hurt

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You'll still do it, though

Product: This Could Hurt | Developer: Orange Agenda | Publisher: Chillingo | Format: Android | Genre: Platform | Players: 1 | File size: 47.9MB | Version: Europe
This Could Hurt Android, thumbnail 1
We're all familiar with the saying "less is more", aren't we? Yet, it often feels as though iOS developers ignore this adage completely.

Too often, games are cluttered with buttons, as developers try and squeeze gameplay elements designed with a joypad in mind onto a touchscreen.

For This Could Hurt, developer Orange Agenda has wisely refrained from taking this approach, instead stripping back the title's control system to a single finger, which you can push anywhere on the screen. This makes for a refreshing change, and, thankfully, doesn't result in any dumbing down of the game.

Tree hugging

Your single digit controls an Oakguard apprentice, who's sent out into the world to prove that he's brave enough, strong enough, and stupid enough to become a full-fledged member of the tree-protecting service.

Essentially, This Might Hurt is a platformer. Your intrepid adventurer runs forward constantly, and your pushing on the screen makes him stop. A variety of obstacles litter his path, from swinging hammers to collapsing walkways, and getting hit by the spikes and flames that block your way depletes your energy.

Timing is of paramount importance - the same as it is in any platform game, in truth - and lifting your finger too early can be the difference between sweet success and a plummet to your untimely death. The 3D levels twist and turn you around, too, making quick reactions essential.

In later levels, the designers throw in combinations of circular saws, trapdoors, and explosive flooring that will test even the hardiest of gamers. Collectible power-ups include shields and boosts, and there are rewards for finishing levels unscathed, as well.

A good platform

The one-touch control system means that sometimes you'll lose sight of your pillar-hopping, platform-crossing apprentice as your pinky obscures your view of the screen momentarily. The game is rarely cruel enough, though, to spring a trap on you at these points.

This Could Hurt is a clever and intriguing adventure, with a smooth difficulty curve and a charming style that's hard not to be captivated by.

Its control method does occasionally make you feel disconnected from the on-screen action, but it does serve as a reminder that a minimalist approach to controls can produce an end product that's just as exciting, and as enjoyable, as its more complicated counterparts.

This Could Hurt
Reviewer photo
Harry Slater | 15 May 2012
A refreshing take on the iOS platformer, This Could Hurt doesn't revolutionise the genre, but it makes a good case for a button-free style of play
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