Slated platformer The Other Brothers will gain new control options in update
By Mark Brown 05 April 2013
Game Name: The Other Brothers | Developer: Tobgame | Publisher: 3D Attack | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Platform, Retro
Pixellated platformer The Other Brothers will receive a handful of new control options in a forthcoming update, Simian Squared has told Pocket Gamer.

The game's wonky control system was a primary point of criticism in our recent 5/10 review.

We explained that a "D-pad sits in the corner of the screen, but it's constantly repositioning itself when you lift your thumb up, jumping to wherever you move your digit..."

"In a genre that demands precision, that's just not good enough. You can fall off ladders by moving left or right, and trying to grab hanging chains by tapping up is an exercise in soul-crushing anguish."

The Other Brothers

Giuseppe Landolina, creative director at the London-based Simian Squared studio, told Pocket Gamer that "some [people] really love this control scheme, but it definitely isn't for everybody and we appreciate that."

"We're here listening to your feedback and working to make sure you can enjoy the game in a way that is comfortable for you."

The Other Brothers

The new update - which is coming "soon" - will enable you to fix the D-pad to one spot, and then decide whether it works like an analogue stick or a digital input. You will also be able to scale and move the D-pad.

The Other Brothers's dev team is also considering iCade support for the game.

The Other Brothers was released earlier this week, exclusively on iOS. Android and Ouya gamers will be able to get their hands on it later this year.
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