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Mid-week iOS releases: Lost Cities, Toybox, One Epic Knight, Cosmic Colony, and more
by Anthony Usher 22/8/2012
Product: New iPhone, iPad, and Android Games
Manufacturer: Steel Media
Format: iPhone, iPad
Welcome back to Pocket Gamer's round-up of the latest iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad mid-week releases.

As you all probably know by now, we produce this article each week because we're simply too busy to bring you a story on every single new game that hits the App Store.

These games have recently hit Apple's New Zealand outlet, meaning they should be available to download in the UK and US from around midnight this evening.


Lost Cities
By The Coding Monkeys - buy for iPhone

Lost Cities is a puzzle game that's been designed by the world-renowned boardgame creator Reiner Knizia. It allows you to compete against a friend, a stranger, or four AI-controlled opponents in a solitaire-style game.

There are a "plethora" of single-player and multiplayer achievements to unlock.

By Barrel of Donkeys - buy for iPhone

In Toybox, you have to complete two simultaneous tasks: fly a spacecraft that's constantly under fire from enemy forces and match three or more similarly coloured blocks.

Barrel of Donkeys has promised that new waves of fighters and new challenges will be released in updates on a weekly basis.


One Epic Knight
By Simutronics - download free for iPhone and iPad

One Epic Knight is a free running title from the creator of both Tiny Heroes and geoDefense. In it, you take control of a brave knight who loves nothing more than fistfuls of glistening treasure.

Unfortunately for him, the jewels he seeks are almost always protected by pesky spike traps, unpleasant fire pits, beastly creatures, and various other pain-dealing hazards.

Mikey Shorts
By BeaverTap Games - buy for iPhone and iPad

This colourful platformer, which looks like it boasts a League of Evil-esque control scheme, thrusts you into the shoes of a young boy who's on a mission to rescue his buddies.

This mission unfolds across six unique environments and 72 levels - all of which feature a number of perils and an even-greater number of gold coins, which you can spend on new outfits.

Cosmic Colony
By Gameloft - download free for iPhone and iPad

Gameloft's lastest free-to-play (read: in-app purchase-packed) build-'em-up tasks you with completing missions and managing resources in order to construct and constantly expand a space-based futuristic settlement.

You'll also have to defend your new abode from pesky space pirates in a mini-game.

One Tap Hero
By Chillingo - buy for iPhone and iPad

What do you do when an evil wizard turns the love of your life into a cute and cuddly teddy bear? No, you don't spend every minute of every day cuddling the stuffing out of it. Instead, you get off your backside and attempt to transform her back.

In One Tap Hero, you do this by collecting stars, which are conveniently scattered across four fantasy worlds.

Jelly Cannon Reloaded
By Chillingo - buy for iPhone and iPad

For some reason, it's has been decided that it's your job to rebuild the recently shattered Sunjelly. This is done by squashing its segments back together using Blurblings, which you fire throughout various levels.

Naturally, these levels are filled with obstacles, hazards, and whatever else you want to call the various things that stand in your way.

Bug Invasion
By Bulkypix - buy for iPhone and iPad

Everybody hates insects. The only time we love insects are when they're squished under a shoe or heading down the throat of a Z-list celebrity on a TV reality show.

So, when the bugs invade your dinner table and make a move on your sugar bowl, it's time to get personal. Rubber ducks, robot toys, and machine guns that shoot pepper should be enough to repel their advances.

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