Disney and Imangi team up for Temple Run Brave tie-in game for iOS and Android
By Matthew Diener 04 June 2012
Game Name: Temple Run: Brave | Developer: Imangi Studios | Publisher: Disney Mobile Studios | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Endless running, Film/ TV tie- in
To celebrate the release of its animated film Brave on June 22nd, Disney has partnered with Temple Run developer Imangi to produce a smartphone tie-in game entitled - unsurprisingly enough - Temple Run Brave.

As you would expect, Merida, the red-haired spitfire protagonist of Brave, is now the one being chased in this Brave-branded version of Imangi's hit endless-running game.

Taking over the role of 'chaser' from the evil monkeys in the original Temple Run game, meanwhile, is Brave's main antagonist, a demon bear named Mordu.

Casting changes aside, Temple Run Brave barely deviates from the template laid down by its ultra-successful inspiration: you tilt your phone to grab coins, swipe on the screen to change the direction in which Merida is running, and curse yourself when you run headfirst into a tree trunk.

Familiar, but different enough

Temple Run Brave
does, however, contain a new archery section, which serves as an homage to Merida's vaunted skill with a bow.

During these archery sections, targets will appear to the right or left of the screen and a simple tap is all that is needed to shoot them. Hitting all of the targets in a section will earn you a bonus.

Temple Run Brave will race onto the App Store and Google Play on June 14th.


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