Top 10 TV shows that Telltale should make into an adventure game
By Mike Rose 26 May 2012
Game Name: Telltale Games news | Manufacturer: Telltale Games | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Adventure developer Telltale has looked to many different types of media for source material for its different franchises.

First off, it sought inspiration by rummaging around in the video gaming archives. Then, it decided to look a bit further afield: to Hollywood, in fact.

Now, the studio responsible for Sam & Max has turned its attention to the faithful ol' gogglebox for project ideas, producing its own take on The Walking Dead for iOS.

This led us to wonder which other TV shows could do with getting the Telltale point-and-click treatment.

Given that The Walking Dead is a relatively new show, we'd wager that Telltale wants to stick with shows from the here and now. Hence, we've thrown together a selection of ten contemporary TV series that we think would work brilliantly as adventure games.

If you think you have a better suggestion, why don't you let us know? In the comments section below, please.


After seeing how Telltale handles blood and guts galore in The Walking Dead, we'd be intrigued to see how the studio would deal with the story of Dexter, Showtime's 'lovable' serial killer.

Perhaps players could be asked to follow prey and make the kill, then quickly tidy up the scene before the police become suspicious. As long as Debra's f**king mouth was in there, too, we'd be happy as Larry. Or Dex.


Hugh Laurie may well have just hung up his cane as Dr Gregory House, but that doesn't mean the world of House has to end. There are already House games out there, but, unfortunately, they're all a bit crap.

How about a cross between Telltale's usual point-and-click sections and Operation-style mini-games in which you quickly but carefully calm patients down who have gone into cardiac arrest? Maybe, someone might even suffer from Lupus...

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Perhaps veering towards the edge of the acceptable source material cliff for a Telltale video game (or shall we say, careering right off it), a game based on the antics of Charlie, Dee, et al. could potentially be brilliant.

Paddy's Pub would be an excellent central hub for your activities, and cameos from the likes of Rickety Cricket and The Waitress are essential.


We're not entirely sure how CIA thriller Homeland would work as a game, but we're thinking a sort of CSI Miami detective work angle would suffice. Couple this with the show's tense atmosphere and its various plot twists and turns, and you're on to a winner.

What we do know is that we'd be shouting "Take our money!!" over and over again if Telltale did get Claire Danes, Damian Lewis, and the rest of the cast on board to voice Carrie, Saul, and the Brodies.


And by Sherlock, we obviously mean the BBC 2010 take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic character and his sidekick Dr Watson.

Those moments when Sherlock is deciphering a crime scene and words slide around the screen would be perfectly suited to an adventure game - a brilliant twist would be if you controlled Watson and tried to keep up with Holmes every step of the way.

Breaking Bad

We're surprised that Breaking Bad hasn't already been turned into a full-fledged video game, given the popularity of Walter and Jesse's meth-ridden story.

Having to balance Walter's home life with his extracurricular activities would surely make for a brilliant point-and-click adventure experience.

Downton Abbey

The Crawley family's early 20th-century antics may be insanely popular, but they're also ripe for parody. You could explore the Yorkshire country house to your heart's content and order servants around in this particular Telltale tie-in.

Pocket Gamer's Paul Devlin suggested including a Quick Time Event that hinges on holding a brandy glass properly, among other silly (but brilliant) ideas.


Archer's visual style makes it ideal for a Telltale-style adventure. Simply get all the characters to put their thumbs in their mouths and blow, and pop... 3D cel-shaded models at your service!

Of course, the show's content may be a little too risque for a Telltale game, but we wouldn't mind accidentally saving the world alongside ISIS agent Lana.

Bob's Burgers

Another cartoon that could potentially be given the adventure game treatment, Bob's Burgers revolves around the eponymous fast food restaurateur and his bonkers family.

There is no storyline too foolish for Bob and co., which would give Telltale sufficient licence to design its silliest game to date. Just don't let Jimmy Pesto try to worm his way into proceedings.

Doctor Who

There are already Doctor Who games on the market, including Doctor Who adventure games, but it doesn't really feel like anyone has managed to do the Time Lord justice yet.

A series of gaming episodes that try and capture the absurd essence of the TV show would make us very happy indeed - just as long as Matt Smith voiced The Doctor. No knock-offs, please.
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