Com2uS goes head-to-head in the jungle with physics flinger Swing Shot
By Jon Jordan 22 June 2012
Game Name: Swing Shot | Developer: Com2uS | Publisher: Com2uS | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Arcade, Casual | Networking: wireless (network)
You just can't have too many physics trajectory games.

That's what Com2uS reckons and its new one - Swing Shot - certainly mixes up trajectory playability, neat graphics and crazy concepts in equal measure.

The gameplay sees you in a head-to-head battle in which you ping various objects towards a bunch of enemy animals which are hanging from the jungle vines in a structure that looks like a baby's mobile.

You know, like what happens in most jungles...

That's going to hurt

You have to hit the enemy animals and/or the structure to knock the animals to the ground, although the amount of damage each animal and construction type can endure varies.

For example, the monkeys are the basic unit armed with rocks, while raccoons have faster ammo, bears are snipers, and sloths offer one-shot-kills. You can upgrade your structure's materials too.

From you to me

The battling part of the game is that you and your opponent each take turns to fling objects at each other. The loser is the one who has all their animals knocked to the ground first.

Adding variation to the theme, as each structure is hit, it moves around, making your next shot harder to aim. There are also plenty of environment elements such as power ups you can hit to split your ammo into fragments, or rocks that some animals hide behind.

As you might be able to tell, Swing Shot isn't the most sensible game concept but it is nicely presented and with 48 levels and an online versus mode, there's plenty of gameplay.

Swing Shot is out now as a universal build for iOS.

It comes in a free ad-supported version or there's Swing Shot Pro, which removes and adverts and gives you 1,000 bonus coin for upgrading (worth $6). That's priced at $2.99, €2.39 or £1.99.

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