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Radiangames iOS sale sees Super Crossfire HD, Fireball SE, and more drop to 69p/99c
by Anthony Usher 16/5/2012
Product: Super Crossfighter (Formerly Super Crossfire)
Developer: Radiangames
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Arcade, Casual, Shooter
To celebrate the second anniversary of its maiden release (JoyJoy on XBLIG), Radiangames has slashed the price of its entire catalogue of iOS games.

So, you can currently grab Ballistic SE, the Pocket Gamer Silver Award-winning Fireball SE, and the iPad version of the Silver Award-nabbing Super Crossfire for just 69p / 99c. You can download the iPhone version of Super Crossfire completely free of charge.

Furthermore, you can grab the company's complete collection of Mac and PC games for $1.99 a piece on website Desura, and its Xbox Live games for 80 Microsoft Points each, which is around $1.

Finally, if you love collecting soundtracks from games, there are a bunch to download for 62p / 99c. Click the links below to be taken straight to the App Store.
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