Star Wars Pinball is the arcade title you're looking for
By Anthony Usher 19 February 2013
Game Name: Star Wars Pinball | Publisher: Zen Studios | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad, PS Vita | Genre: Arcade, Film/ TV tie- in, Pub Sports
Did you see the Star Wars Pinball trailer that we posted earlier this month?

If you did, you're probably pretty eager to get your midi-chlorian-doused mitts on it.

You'll be extremely pleased to read, then, that Zen Studios's latest assault on the pinball market will be available to download from February 27th.

Star Wars Pinball will eventually house ten unique tables, but this first release will contain just three (Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars).

Star Wars Pinball will be available on PS Vita as a DLC pack for the excellent Zen Pinball 2, so be sure to grab this Gold Award-winning title from Sony's PSN Store first.

On iOS and Android, you'll be able to download each Star Wars-themed table via a £1.49 / $1.99 in-app purchase inside Zen Pinball and Zen Pinball HD.

Furthermore, Zen Studios will release a standalone Star Wars Pinball app on the App Store and Google Play. Just so you know.
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