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Army of toons
by Harry Slater 22/6/2012
Product: Split!
Developer: Touchy Interactive
Publisher: E-One Studio
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Action, Puzzle, Strategy
Players: 1
File size: 36MB
Version: Europe
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Mashing together the squad shooter and puzzle genres isn't as odd as it might sound. Both deal with planning ahead, moving your pieces into the right position to complete objectives, and making sure that you don't back yourself into a corner.

The fact that the potential is there to create something interesting makes Split! all the more disappointing. This is a game with some intriguing ideas that's left floundering by poor controls and an overly simplistic approach.

Move and shoot

You're cast as a pair of cons trying to escape from a series of rooms in a high security prison. Rather than picking locks and sneaking past the dozy guards, the only way out is to kill everyone who stands in your way. ...
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Too simple, a little rough around the edges, and lacking design nous, Split! never manages to make the most of the two genres it spans
Audio/visual: 7
Gameplay: 5
Value: 5
Innovation: 6
Overall: 5
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