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E3 2012: Microsoft announces Xbox SmartGlass for mobiles and tablets
by Will Wilson 4/6/2012
Product: Xbox SmartGlass
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone
Microsoft spent most of its E3 press conference this year talking about Kinect and Xbox gaming, as you might expect.

However, the company also revealed a new app for smartphones and tablets (across all formats) called SmartGlass, which promises to add a WiiU style experience to the Xbox.

SmartGlass effectively layers on additional information while playing or watching something on the Xbox 360, such as showing a map of Westeros during Game of Thrones with the current scene’s location marked on the tablet screen.

The company also demonstrated the gaming options offered by SmartGlass, such as working out plays on Madden and receiving multiplayer gaming requests (while browsing ship schematics, for some reason) in Halo 4.

SmartGlass is expected to launch on all the major mobile formats later in the year.
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