Have a little fishy on a little dishy in Seabirds for iPhone and iPad
By Anthony Usher 06 August 2012
Game Name: Seabirds | Developer: Shamrock Games | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Puzzle
Fancy adding an interesting-looking and extremely colourful freebie to your iOS app collection? If so, look no further than Shamrock Games's latest iPhone and iPad puzzle-adventure Seabirds.

In this free title, four unfortunate penguins - Jimmy, Carl, Vincent, and Amanda - take a journey to distant lands in search of juicy fish for their friends, who're dying of starvation back in the Antarctic.

Your job is help these presumably miffed avians tame an albatross, avoid sharks, and complete all manner of unique puzzles so that they can send shoals of the good stuff home to their helpless buddies.

Seabirds features numerous Game Center-powered achievements that pop up when you complete tasks such as collecting ice creams and completing levels quickly.

You have nothing to lose, so grab it now.
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