'Still this year we will see more Rovio games'
By Rob Hearn 04 June 2012
Game Name: Rovio news | Manufacturer: Rovio | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Rovio struck gold with Angry Birds in 2009, and ever since then the developer has seemingly been reluctant to deviate from the glittering seam of bird-on-pig violence.

That all changed last month, though, when - having obtained the rights to overlooked classic Casey's Contraptions - Rovio announced franchise reinterpretation Amazing Alex, its first non-Angry Birds-related game in over two years.

Rovio's Ville Heijari has since revealed that the developer won't be stopping there. Speaking to CNN, he said, "Still this year we will see more Rovio games. I can't really talk too much about them at this point."

That means it's too early to say whether Rovio has taken Pocket Gamer's advice on new directions. (Almost certainly not.)

Expand it!

According to Heijari, the lack of new games up until now has been a consequence of the studio's rapid expansion, from 12 employees at the start of the Angry Birds development process to its current payroll of 350.

"We have been hiring and building teams," Heijari said. "We are building more efficient units to produce more games. We haven't really wanted to rush the market or flood it with too many games."

Amazing Alex will be out in July, and the others will presumably be along after that.

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