Casey's Contraptions HD removed from App Store as Rovio confirms it's acquired the game's IP
By Anthony Usher 10 May 2012
Game Name: Amazing Alex | Publisher: Rovio | Format: Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone | Genre: Puzzle
Yesterday, Rovio released a YouTube video that announced its feather-flinging Angry Birds franchise has catapulted its way to a mightily impressive 1 billion downloads.

At the end of said video, the Finnish developer teased a new game, which - after a little deliberation - we decided looked a lot like Mystery Coconut and Snappy Touch's Gold Award-winning iPad puzzler Casey's Contraptions HD.

Turns out we were right, for Rovio has confirmed to Gamasutra that it has acquired the rights to the Casey's Contraptions IP from its creators.

"Working with Noel [Llopis, Snappy Touch founder] and Miguel [A. Friginal, Mystery Coconut founder] has been fantastic, and this is a game that we all fell in love with from the first play," Ville Heijari, Rovio's VP of franchise development, said.

"The gameplay is a perfect fit in our arsenal with its approachable, fun and highly addictive take on the physics puzzler genre. We are currently reworking the title to enhance it, and getting ready to re-introduce it in a true 'expect the unexpected' Rovio style launch to an even larger audience."

Dragged away screaming

As noted by Heijari, Casey's Contraptions HD has now been removed from the App Store. The Angry Birds developer plans to "bring the new game to the market this summer, starting initially on the iOS and Android platforms and extending to further platforms rapidly after that".

If you've already downloaded Casey's Contraptions HD from the App Store and you'd like to ensure you can play it in the future, be sure to check out our handy how to back up an iPhone or iPad app guide.
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