Out at midnight: Discover subterranean mysteries in Ron Gilbert's puzzling adventure The Cave on iPad and iPhone
By Harry Slater 02 October 2013
Game Name: Ron Gilbert's The Cave | Developer: Double Fine | Publisher: Sega | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Puzzle
Ron Gilbert's slow-paced puzzling adventure-platformer The Cave has just gone live on the New Zealand App Store, which means it'll be out in the UK and US at midnight tonight.

The game features seven distinct characters, each with its own set of skills and powers.

You'll need to choose a team made up of three of them to work your way through the titular underground chamber.

You can switch between characters on the fly, swapping in different skills to solve different puzzles. Each character has its own story, too, which slowly unfolds as you work your way through the sentient cavern.

Double Fine has added touchscreen controls to this iOS version of Ron Gilbert's adventure game. Aside from that, though, it features the same content as the console original.

The Cave's art style in particular is impressive, and the crazy locations you'll find within the confines of the cave - including an amusement park and a nuclear weapons facility - are firm indicators that Gilbert has lost none of his trademark humour.

The Cave will surface on the UK and US App Stores at around midnight tonight, and will set you back £2.99 / $4.99.
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