Cameleon-labs looking for donors to fund futuristic cyperpunk motorcycle racing game Rascal Rider
By Chris Priestman 13 December 2013
Game Name: Rascal Rider | Developer: Cameleon-labs | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Racing
While gladiatorial combat may no longer be, well, en vogue, we can satiate our modern-day thirst for bloodsports through gaming.

In fact, Cameleon-labs is banking on our desire for virtual violence to fund Rascal Rider.

Like in Road Rash before it, you play as a motorcyclist in Rascal Rider who is racing for glory in a sport in which riders are permitted to attack one another with weapons.

It's set in a cyberpunk future in which this sport is 'played' in huge arenas and watched by millions. Riders can use melee weapons and guns mounted on their bikes to take one another down.

Rascal Rider was always intended as a cross-platform multiplayer game for PC, iOS, and Android. Don't panic, though: there will be a single-player mode, too.

The cross-platform functionality is all in place, and Rascal Rider's multiplayer has been tested successfully across multiple devices.

What Cameleon-labs is now seeking, though, is funding for the rest of the game's development.

Speaking of which, the firm is hoping to raise over $115,000 over on Indiegogo for Rascal Rider. If you pledge $13 towards Rascal Rider, you'll get a digital copy of the game.
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