Quality Index: The week's best iPhone games - LostWinds 2, Penny Time
By James Gilmour 19 May 2012
Game Name: Quality Index | Manufacturer: Steel Media Ltd | Format: iPhone, PG.Biz
Every week, Pocket Gamer sister site iPhone Quality Index (iPhone Qi) highlights the newest games to make a critical splash in the cool, seductive waters of the iPhone pool.

Grabbing scores and opinions from all corners of the web, including from 148Apps, AppGamer, and Digitally Downloaded, Qi answers all your iPhone-related questions before you've even asked them.

Today, we're going to focus on two new contenders vying to be crowned king of your iPhone. Both are worthy, but do they have what it takes to win your head, your heart, and your wallet?

Swept away

Sweeping onto the iPhone Qi chart this week with the stiff breeze at its back is Frontier's whimsical platformer LostWinds 2: Winter of the Melodias.

As in the original game, you manipulate the wind to guide Toku and his curious hairdo through perilous environments in search of his missing mother.

In an interesting new twist to these elemental antics, though, you can now switch between seasons, swapping summer's warmth for winter's chill at your whim.

You can employ this trick to help you solve puzzles, such as freezing water to smash though obstacles.

The folks over at 148Apps were completely - ahem - blown away by LostWinds 2, describing it as "a thoroughly enthralling and totally gorgeous adventure".

Sound board

Meanwhile, grinding triumphantly into the Top 10 comes the skateboarding rhythm-action mash-up Penny Time.

Essentially a rhythm game with a platforming slant, you must swipe the screen in time to the music in order to get your skateboard-riding avatar to the end of the level.

Rather conveniently, your skateboard has the ability to freeze time, which means you'll be able to ollie and powerslide your way past time-locked obstacles in bold defiance of several natural laws.

Each level has three sections, meaning you'll be dividing your time between accruing points, increasing your multiplier, and deciding whether to bank your earnings or carry them over for greater gains - and potential losses.

Pleased to discover a licensed game that didn't completely suck, AppSpy's reviewer enjoyed Penny Time's "solid sense of charm, style and fun".

You can get the up-to-date information about which games are reviewing best over at the iPhone Quality Index.
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