Award-winning liquid physics puzzler Puddle to make a splash on the App Store on August 1
By Matthew Diener 26 July 2013
Game Name: Puddle | Developer: Neko Entertainment | Publisher: Neko Entertainment | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Puzzle
Pouring water from a pitcher is an exercise in steady hands and patience, but pouring water through the twisted, challenging stages of Puddle is an exercise in great gameplay.

Award-winning gaming, actually, and now that experience will come to iOS devices on August 1 thanks to Neko Entertainment.

Puddle, for those who missed it on Android and Vita, relies on gyroscopic controls and has you tilt your device to help various liquids - like water, coffee, lava, and nitroglycerin - ooze across 48 unique levels.

Go with the flow

But the real challenge with Puddle is that not every liquid flows the same way.

Factors like temperature, friction, and gravity will all affect how a given liquid behaves as it flows across a level.

Although we found the difficulty of Puddle to be a bit steep on both its Android and Vita versions, we noted that "when it flows properly it's an entrancing experience."

Neko let us know that Puddle will come with 22 Game Center achievements and will feature iPhone 5 and iPad 4 retina display support from day one.

We've contacted Neko for the release pricing of Puddle and will update this story when we hear back.

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