Free iPhone game: Prose with Bros
By Rob Hearn 13 July 2011
Game Name: Prose with Bros | Developer: Evil Laugh Games | Publisher: Evil Laugh Games | Format: iPhone | Genre: Casual, Multiplayer | Networking: wireless (adhoc)
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"Prose With Bros could be the next hit iPhone game...its appearance on the App Store shows there is still room for innovation." - The Guardian

"Words With Friends is no fun by yourself, but Prose With Bros is an absolute riot either way." - AppAdvice

Welcome to Prose with Bros, the first ever multiplayer competitive poetry game. Probably.

Prose with Bros is sort of like those fridge magnets you use to leave dirty sentences for your roommates. If only your fridge could talk and was connected to the internet so you could play against people around the world (side note: that fridge would be awesome).

You can challenge your friends (or enemies) to a game, or just hop in with a random opponent. You both get the same 50 words to make a sentence. Who wins? Let the mob decide! 24 hours of online voting by the rest of the world will determine if you’re totally more awesome than your friend (like you keep telling them).

Over 2000 words in the game, with more being added every week, all with built-in voice playback! Feeling poetic? Funny? Dirty? Random? Offensive? (please don’t be offensive)


Does the price of this app make you want to roundhouse a donkey? We know exactly how you feel, and we got your back (and the donkey’s back). Try the fully featured, ad-supported FREE version of Prose with Bros.
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