PocketGamer.biz Week That Was: Ouya's public face, Helsinki week and won't someone please think of the children?
By James Nouch 09 March 2013
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The thorny subject of children and in-app purchases has been making headlines recently, as the mainstream media picks up on cases of little kids making big purchases on their parents' devices.

It's an issue that our Mobile Gaming Mavens discussed at the start of this week, and it highlighted how much opinions on this problem differ among industry professionals.

For Scott For of Big Head Mode, for instance, responsibility for hefty in-app purchase bills rests solely with parents.

"You wouldn't hand your two-year-old your credit card so why are you handing them your phone?" Scott exclaimed.

True or not, the wider issue is whether increased scrutiny on IAPs could lead to increased regulation.

That's an eventuality that could cause serious headaches for developers. UKIE CEO Jo Twist recently discussed this very issue on PocketGamer.biz, and concluded that parental education was the key to avoiding tighter controls.

But that's quite enough of our ruminating for now. Instead, let's cast our eyes back over the last seven days in mobile gaming.

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