PocketGamer.biz Week That Was: Tizen 2.0, Real Racing 3 and PlayStation 4
By James Nouch 23 February 2013
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For a website that covers the mobile games industry, we sure have been talking about the PlayStation 4 a lot this week.

But it's not just that our frail minds wandered. Instead, we've been yabbering on about the PS4 because its announcement was an interesting example of how mobile gaming has affected the wider games industry.

From the socially-connected nature of Sony's new device, to the occasional mentions of free-to-play business models, it's clear that Sony is responding to developments from the world of mobile.

Whether that response is a particularly cogent one remains up for debate though.

To hear Kristan Reed tell it, Sony's engagement with our connected present was a decidedly half-hearted one. Jon Jordan was more charitable, arguing that although Sony hadn't answered a lot of questions, at least it seemed to be asking the right ones.

Danke Games' Fraser MacInnes, meanwhile, was impressed by the PS4, but felt that changes in consumer spending habits, the rising costs of console development and the inexorable advancement of mobile hardware could soon leave Sony's console an amazing, high-tech relic.

The jury's out, then, but the PocketGamer.biz Week that Was is in, so let's look back at the last seven days in mobile gaming.

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