PocketGamer.biz Week That Was: PR tips, media corruption and location-based overload
By James Nouch 17 November 2012
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At the start of 2012, PocketGamer.biz ran a series of interviews with location-based game developers.

This week, we've revisited the topic, canvassing another set of location-based studios for their assessments of the current state of the genre.

Massive Damage CEO Ken Seto believes that "we're only scratching the surface in terms of how we can effectively use location."

However, location-based gaming is fairly unique in that it has to ask its players for permission to activate its most compelling feature. This is a significant hurdle, but one that's slowly being overcome, according to Seto.

"People are less hesitant to use location-based games and apps. So many other apps are using location, that it's become common-place to see that 'use your location' prompt, and people are now a lot more savvy and accepting."

Red Robot Labs' chief product officer Pete Hawley agreed.

"I think for a location game to hit true mass market, top grossing iOS standards, it would have to be a very simple, delightful game that removed any fears around revealing your location to publishers or other players. "

"That day will come," he concluded. But enough thinking of the future – let's turn our gaze to the past instead, as we move on to our bite-sized overview of the last seven days' worth of news.

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