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Pocket Gamer iPhone gaming podcast: Episode 183 - Amazing Alex, AR glasses, Duel of Champions, Tiny Wings
by Will Wilson 13/7/2012
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Format: iPhone, iPad
It's James, Peter, and me in the podcast booth this week, which means things - rather predictably - get a little silly.

This episode is an especially long one, as we end up waffling a long time about news like Apple patenting a Google Glasses rival, more rumours of a 7-inch iPad, robots, and Timecop in Angry Birds.

Mid-week releases has a game that I use to annoy Peter (it's Metal Slug 3, if you couldn't guess), while we've got spoken reviews of Amazing Alex and Bop it! Smash!.

We'll have a Super Special Podcast next week, which could either mean it'll be the best thing ever, or be really badly recorded, so watch out for that.

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