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Pocket Gamer iPhone and iPad gaming podcast: Episode 181 - CSR Racing, Asphalt 7, Le Havre, Kingdom Rush (again, jeez!), and more!
by Will Wilson 29/6/2012
Product: Pocket Gamer Podcast
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Format: iPhone, iPad
Keith is back from the land of illness (Alton Towers, probably - we forgot to switch his electronic tag on while he was away). He joins Peter and me in the podcast chamber for this episode.

News-wise, there's the exciting Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes game announcement; a discussion on the freemium model in light of Novarama's comments; and a debate over what 'profitable' means, given Epic's announcement regarding Infinity Blade and Gears of War.

In terms of gaming, the podcast team have - for once - all been playing new releases this week, so get ready for our opinions on NaturalMotion's latest piece of eye candy, CSR Racing; Gameloft's Asphalt 7; tough boardgame Le Havre; and - is this right? - Kingdom Rush. Again.

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