Pocket Gamer Podcast: Episode 255 - Game of Phones
By James Gilmour 13 December 2013
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With the App Store suddenly bursting at the seams with exciting new releases, Peter, Keith, and I deliver the Pocket Gamer verdict on what games are hot and what games are not quite so hot this week.

First, we chat about Telltale's decision to gamify Games of Thrones and create an episodic series based on Borderlands. Then, I describe my experience with Trials: Frontier, having gone hands-on with the Canadian soft launch version.

We also run through an astonishing list of new releases, including the iOS version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Angry Birds Go!, and Lego Star Wars.

Finally, I talk primarily in superlatives about the newly released The Room 2, while Peter tries to accept the fact that he spent £50 on a Game.com, a console with no good games whatsoever.

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