Final Fantasy creator bringing Party Wave to iOS in mid-July
By Anthony Usher 22 June 2012
Game Name: Party Wave | Developer: Mistwalker | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Arcade
It's only been a few days since we last told you about Party Wave - a forthcoming "action surfing" title that's being created by Final Fantasy architect Hironobi Sakaguchi - but a few new details have just been revealed.

For starters, each of this game's stages will be split into two tasks: paddling and surfing. The former, well, tasks you with guiding your surfer towards waves without colliding with the ocean's many hazards, while the latter charges you with catching big air without wiping out.

We now also know that Party Wave will feature multiple game modes, including a time-limited Arcade mode. Boss monsters, secret characters, and hidden stages will also all be present.

Finally, it's been revealed that Party Wave will glide onto Apple's App Store sometime in mid-July. Check out the new batch of screenshots in our gallery above before you leave.
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