X-Ray Vision Augmented Reality Tank is as badass as it sounds
By Mike Rose 16 May 2012
Game Name: Ogmento news | Publisher: Ogmento | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Augmented reality games aren't anything new - they've been doing the rounds on mobile and handheld gaming devices for years. Both the 3DS and the PS Vita even include entire modes designed to showcase their AR abilities.

US gaming company Ogmento believes that AR technology is the future of the video games industry, and is looking to bring completely new ideas to the table in terms of what AR can achieve.

Enter the X-Ray Vision Augmented Reality Tank, which is able to blow holes in anything and see right through an object to discover what's behind it.

Watch the video below and you'll get a much clearer picture of what we're talking about. In it, Ogmento VP for R&D Oriel Bergig gives a live demo in which the Tank blows a hole in the table of a gaming panel (that includes veteran game designers Will Wright and Bruce Sterling).

Now, there's no doubt that this little display was set up, and wherever the Tank was fired, it was going to show legs behind the hole. However, the idea that a hole can be opened up showing an alternative reality behind it is pretty intriguing, and we're definitely looking forward to seeing what the team at Ogmento cooks up in the future.

It looks like we're not the only ones, either, for Ogmento has already secured $7 million in funding from outside partners, primarily thanks to its team's background in AAA game development and AR-based technology.

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