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New Star Soccer

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A sporting drug

Product: New Star Soccer | Developer: New Star Games | Publisher: New Star Games | Format: Android | Genre: Sports | Players: 1 | File size: 16.9MB | Version: Europe
New Star Soccer Android, thumbnail 1
There's always a scandal in the papers about video games being addictive. Usually, it's some triple-A console release that bears the brunt of the ire.

Tabloids should really be looking at smartphone gaming if they want to find the worst offenders when it comes to compulsive replayability, though, and New Star Soccer would be a very good place to start their investigations.

A game of two halves

At first glance, the game looks like a cross between Angry Birds and Flick Soccer!, with the Arcade mode handing you a series of increasingly difficult shots from which to try and score. From a top-down view, you drag back on the ball to determine the right angle and add power to your kick.

Once you let go, you're taken to another screen that shows a bouncing, rolling, or stationary ball. You have to tap it in the right place to get the power, swerve, and lift you need to make sure it ends up in the back of the net.

The core of the game, however, lies in the monstrous, life-sapping Career mode. Here, you take what you've learned, and use it to lead a footballer from the lowest league in the land all the way to the heights of the Premier League and the World Cup.

Pass... and don't move

Matches are played out via scrolling reams of text. When the ball comes to you, the game switches to the top-down view, letting you thread through balls, smash the footy towards goal, or try to nip in and intercept a wayward pass.

It's not just about how well you play, though, for there's training to be done and relationships to build with fans, players, and the manager. You need to enjoy the lavish lifestyle of a footballer, too, spending your wages on fancy suits, big houses, and eventually a glamour model girlfriend.

This brilliant mixture of staccato football action, stat management, and relationship- and skill-building mini-games is enough to suck anyone in for hours at a time. The fact that the in-game tabloids will describe you as a "style moron" if you don't scrub up well enough is just icing on the horribly morish cake.

iPhone version reviewed.
New Star Soccer
Reviewer photo
Harry Slater | 21 May 2012
Few games are able to worm their way into your imagination and subconscious as well as New Star Soccer. You'll suffer the highs and lows of its simply presented matches with the grin of a true addict plastered across your face
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May 2008
Post count:
myke | 09:55 - 22 May 2012
must. stop. playing.... got things to do.... ok, just one more match....
Dec 2010
Post count:
PG BBilson | 17:01 - 21 May 2012
I've stepped in and cleaned up the double post, for those that think Aces High is going mad ;-)
Aug 2011
Post count:
Aces High | 16:49 - 21 May 2012
Oops, sorry for the double post - well, triple post now..
Aug 2011
Post count:
Aces High | 16:33 - 21 May 2012
You're so right @evanac. This is easily the best iOS game I've played in a good few months! Personally speaking, I love the uber-basic visuals. It really reminds me of something I used to play on my Spectrum in the early-mid eighties as a boy. The scrolling text was strikingly similar, but it obviously didn't have the flick style shooting/passing etc.

In that game you could edit player names, and I used to start as Spurs in the old fourth division. I always played myself in centre midfield with Glen Hoddle. He was my hero - until he went cookoo!

Fast-forward to 2012 and I'm addicted all over again. Only this time my wife calls me for dinner, not my mum.
Nov 2010
Post count:
evanac | 14:36 - 21 May 2012
Seconded. Such a simplistic yet awesome execution of footy on phone. I think all it needed for the 10 was slightly better presentation, but that's a exceedingly minor quibble. Best game of the last couple of months IMO.
Aug 2011
Post count:
Aces High | 14:05 - 21 May 2012
Great review! The Gold Award winning 9/10 inspired me to give it a try - and boy am I glad I did, it's flippin' brilliant..!!!
May 2012
Post count:
rav666 | 10:07 - 21 May 2012
great game