Paladin Studios reduces Gold Award-winning Momonga Pinball Adventures to 69p/99c
By James Gilmour 19 February 2013
Game Name: Momonga Pinball Adventures | Developer: Paladin Studios | Publisher: Paladin Studios | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Adventure, Platform
Paladin Studios has reduced its squirrel-paddling pinball game Momonga Pinball Adventures to 69p / 99c for a limited time.

Instead of being faced with an enclosed rectangular pinball table in Momonga Pinball Adventures, you are pinging into a lush world filled with branching play areas, hidden chambers, and attackable enemies.

Oh, and instead of firing a ball around, you're bouncing a cute flying squirrel off the walls. Yeaaaaah.

Despite its pinball genetics, Momonga Pinball Adventures actually plays out like an adventure game.

There's a plot about evil owls, for one. There's a panda who serves as a kind of bambo-guzzling pinball guru, for two. And there's a number of objectives to achieve in each level.

There are even sections where Momo, our squirrel hero, has to leap into the air and glide between play areas.

You spin me right round, baby

We love Momonga Pinball Adventures, giving it a Pocket Gamer Gold Award on review and calling it "the best thing to happen to pinball since Tommy".

Plus, it's an absolute steal at 69p / 99c. So, we recommend you give it a try while the getting's good. This deal may only run until the end of the week.
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