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Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

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Freedom falling

Product: Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation | Developer: Gameloft Montreal | Publisher: Gameloft | Format: Android | Genre: Shooter | Players: 1-12 | File size: 1.05GB | Version: Europe
Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Android, thumbnail 1
Nothing sums up Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation’s single-player campaign as perfectly as the inevitable AC-130 mission.

In it, you act as gunner for the huge battle-plane, pummelling the ground with a variety of overly-powered ordnance while your fellow soldiers dash about on the ground.

But, whereas Modern Warfare 2 on consoles (the game MC3 desperately wants to be) presented this section as an uncomfortable juxtaposition of human banter and cold, detached killing (an effect that was far more memorable and striking in my mind than ‘that’ scene in the airport), Modern Combat 3 hands you a simple duck hunt.

This lack of maturity is one of many issues with MC3, but in terms of sheer balls-to-the-wall action there isn’t much else out there right now on mobiles that delivers as much explosive, choreographed fun as Gameloft Montreal’s effort.

Do what you're told

Picking up from the end of Modern Combat 2, MC3 sees the war being fought primarily on American soil.

In a very long nod to (and then a quick mugging of) Homefront’s premise, you have to fight back the People’s Republic of Korea across skyscrapers, suburbs, Alaskan villages, and more in order to seize back the ‘fallen nation’ of the title.

Controls are the same as in the last outing, which is to say they’re probably the most reasonable stab at touchscreen FPS controls to date, with a virtual joystick to one side of the screen, and buttons like 'crouch', 'run', 'fire', and 'throw grenades' arrayed around the edges.

It’s still a slightly awkward affair thanks to the inherent properties of the touchscreen, but it's a more manageable shooter than most thanks to the fact that you can fully customise the position and size of each button from the options menu.

Lock and load

In terms of single-player, MC3 gets far closer to Call of Duty than previous effords, thanks to what feels like an almost relentless series of set-pieces.

Buildings caving in on top of your character, tanks bursting through walls, and helicopters swooping to take you down are all present, and the game does a good job of stringing these together.

The enemy is still gormless, though - running to the same spots of cover time and time again - while Gameloft hasn’t done a particularly good job of hiding spawn points, either, meaning that far too often enemies will just ‘appear’ out of thin air (before rushing to the same point as their identical twins whom you just killed).

Getting killed through apparently solid cover isn’t fun, and the occasionally illogical maps (you can jump over this small wall, but this identical one here is impassible) seem designed to frustrate.

Then there are the unintentionally hilarious moments that keep cropping up, like when your AI companion keeps shouting the wrong squad name during the Alaskan levels, or when he ‘drags’ you to safety by slightly moving your arm. These give the game an unwelcome knock-off quality.

Conflict zone

But while the single-player campaign is a conflicted effort - exciting when it’s taking bold sweeps, but slapdash in the details - the multiplayer is a fine attempt at recreating the thrills of a full-blown FPS.

With 100 XP levels, countless attachments, a huge array of equipment, and some genuinely entertaining game modes (just avoid the non-team-based ones if you don’t like spawn camping), it’s here where Modern Combat 3 really shines.

It’s a shame, then, that the servers appear to be so disorganised at launch. Despite playing for a good three hours over the past day, only one of my games’ results registered.

Matches also tend to last slightly too long to be comfortable on mobiles at the default setting, though you can change their duration in the menu.


As long as your expectations aren’t set too high, Modern Combat 3 is a fine addition to your iOS library.

No other mobile FPS can match it, and the already expansive multiplayer still delivers a relatively satisfying online experience (when the servers are working, that is).

However, it's still a game of compromises. It still asks you to ignore the awful AI, clumsy level design, and awkward touchscreen controls because - well - it’s “a bit like having Call of Duty on your mobile”.

But only a bit.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation
Reviewer photo
Will Wilson | 27 October 2011
Modern Combat 3 is the best attempt at recreating Call of Duty on mobiles so far, but it still has a long way to go when it comes to the finer points of the FPS genre
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Jun 2012
Post count:
Mirxa | 18:19 - 13 June 2012
hat would be awesome ! i most definetely getting the game when it comes out , i heard its an big improvement from sand storm
Nov 2011
Post count:
CargoJacker | 11:15 - 10 November 2011
why are u ranting about the controls.. u can costumize and put every button where u want it.. i see in the clip you're playing on the standard settings... ur own fault.. dont be blaming the game about its controls if u can costumize them urself..

only shows me u played the game for 10 min before writing this review.
Oct 2011
Post count:
SuperAnnoyed21 | 19:55 - 28 October 2011
I'm sure we all appreciate Espekayen2's comments however, it's not simply about one persons' opinion, rather it's a matter of economics. Review's are critical to a developers success and reviews (like it or not) affect the bottom line in terms of marketing, sales, and development. Perhaps more importantly, these reviews affect the type of products developed. If a developer spends six months, and $1M on a revolutionary game and ends up losing their investment or not meeting projections then guess what? They no longer develop cutting edge games. They will turn to developing a $.99 game which takes a week, copies someone else s idea, and fills the AP Store with more of the same type of unimaginative junk we've seen over the years. This is not a revolutionary idea, the same holds true to movies, cars, food, etc. The mobile gaming industry (as it pertains to mobile devices) is a fairly new marketplace and each new market always has it's struggles. What I don't want to see is an industry plagued with inferior, lazy products simply because we don't hold developers to appropriate standards. I used this example in my last comment but could someone please explain to me how "Fruit Ninja" has a higher review than MC3??? This is the type of hypocrisy I'm talking about.
Mar 2011
Post count:
Espekayen2 | 18:00 - 28 October 2011
Guys, if you don't agree with PG's reviews then simply stop visiting the site. If you feel so strongly about the quality of the reviews, then just go elsewhere for your game reviews. And there is no need to resort to name-calling.

I'm not saying I agree with the score of seven, but that's irrelevant anyway. The fact is that the review is the opinion of just one person; it's supposed to be an insight into what the game is like for those of us thinking about a purchase. Nothing more and nothing less.

Don't take things so seriously. Like someone else said, it's just a game. Let's not lose perspective here.
Oct 2011
Post count:
Hardcore gamer101 | 17:34 - 28 October 2011
One of the best appstore games avalible
Oct 2011
Post count:
thevoiceofreason | 00:42 - 28 October 2011
This reviewer is an idiot. No longer trust this site. For any one who is still reading the reviews on this site: this game is amazing.

Oct 2011
Post count:
Gooseman | 22:43 - 27 October 2011
The reviewer seems to forget that this is a mobile game.

A mobile game of which costs one ninth of the series it is compared to.
Oct 2011
Post count:
sonnywhitaker | 20:53 - 27 October 2011
The game's single-player campaign is fine and what-not, but the multiplayer is absolutely fantastic, and alone is worthy of a 10. I'm playing on a 4G and played numerous battles in almost every mode and not once did the game stutter or freeze or kick me out. If you want THE best multiplayer experience in your pocket, download it. Then seek me out: sonnyjw. We can duke it out on the battlefield
Mar 2011
Post count:
derekg49 | 19:44 - 27 October 2011
Good review - it's all a bit wooden and the controls are poor.
Aug 2011
Post count:
RasH | 18:50 - 27 October 2011
I don't have the game yet, but since MC2 was awesome i bet this one is also great. 7 isn't a bad rating but u also give a 7 to Battlefield bad company some months ago whereas the game had an horrible multiplayer mode and the solo was over after 2 hours so there is no consistency in ur ratings.
And as someone said, u give a lot of great ratings to some crap games so this one deserve a better test.
And since the game is 1st in a lot of countries i guess it is really a good one
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