Get ready for the Creeper in the next Minecraft - Pocket Edition update
By Will Wilson 22 August 2012
Game Name: Minecraft - Pocket Edition | Developer: Mojang | Publisher: Mojang | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Adventure, Brain training | Networking: wireless (adhoc)
Mojang has dropped a few titbits of information about the next update to Minecraft - Pocket Edition, due within the month. Those of a nervous disposition are advised to give it a wide berth.

That's because the major new addition is the presence of fan favourite / most hated creature in the game: The Creeper.

So, I creep, yeah

Creepers, if you're not au fait with the PC title, are green things with unhappy faces that like to stroll around in both the nighttime and daytime, casually minding their own business until they spot an adventurer.

Then, they make their way towards you, ceaselessly, until they're up close.

Usually, the sound of them fizzing is the first warning you get that a creeper is nearby. By that time, though, it's normally too late to avoid what happens next.


Also being added in the update are chests that can hold inventory items, apples, food, and beds. There won't be any caves, fishing, minecarts, or online play, however.

The update is scheduled to drop within the month, so you've got a bit of time to suitably fortify your home before the creepers arrive and blow it up.
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