XBLA game Rotastic swings over to mobile in the revised shape of Knights of the Round Cable
By Jon Jordan 23 June 2012
Game Name: Knights of the Round Cable | Developer: Dancing Dots | Publisher: Focus Home Interactive | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Music/ Rhythm
When I first heard about Knights of the Round Cable, I though I'd misheard.

But no. It's a game about knights and round cables, not round tables.

One of the those pick-up-and-play 2D experiences that mobile does so well, it's actually based on French outfit Dancing Dots' XBLA game Rotastic.

Swing me round

The gameplay is simple and driven by replayability and leaderboard pride.

You take control of a knight who spins around the pegs or anchor points that are arranged in each level with your cable.

You tap on the right of the screen to reverse the direction of your swing, and on the left to either release your cable if it's attached, or connect your cable if you're flying through the air and near to a peg.

Very action-arcade-y, you're either swinging around or zooming around the level, bouncing off the floor and sides until you attach again.

Gimme gems

In terms of the point of the game, you're collecting gems and the other power ups - extra lives, magnets etc - that are dotted around. There are also combo multipliers to be gained depending on how you collect gems.

But it's not a precision accuracy game, more like a frenetic bounce-and-swingathon. At least, until time's up and a big yellow bird appears and takes you to the next level.

Very colourful and with a cartoon art style, you get to unlock 11 knight characters, each with different attributes. The unlocking mechanic is powered by the gems you collect, or buy using in-app purchase.

Knights of the Round Cable is due for release on iOS and Android in July, and is co-published by Chillingo and Focus.

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