Kiwanuka is an intriguing, lightning-blasting puzzler that's out right now for iPad and iPhone
By Harry Slater 08 May 2014
Game Name: Kiwanuka | Developer: CMA Megacorp | Publisher: CMA Megacorp | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Adventure, Casual, Puzzle
Kiwanuka is the kind of game that just clicks from the get-go. It's sort of like Lemmings, but with a greater focus on puzzles rather than powers, and a lot more lightning.

It's out right now on the App Store as well, so new feels like a good time to write a whole bunch of words about it.

You play a staff-wielding wizard type who's leading a crowd of other three pixel-high characters around a level. Your goal is freeing one of your acolytes who's trapped somewhere around the free-floating lumps of rock.

Rather than leaping around you build bridges and ladders with your followers, telling them where to go with bolts of lightning from your staff and then pushing over the resulting tower so it latches on to the other side of the gap you're traversing.

As you play you'll find glowing red stones that collapse the towers you've made, and discover new tricks and skills that let you reach areas you wouldn't have been able to get to before.

The game looks great, full of clean lines and brilliantly designed characters, and the simple one touch controls hide a pretty complex and deep puzzling core.

Kiwanuka is available right now for iPad and iPhone and it'll set you back £1.49 / $1.99. That seems like a pretty good deal to me.
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