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Justice League: Earth's Final Defense

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Second division

Product: Justice League: Earth's Final Defense | Developer: Netmarble | Publisher: Warner Bros. | Format: Android | Genre: Action | Players: 1 | File size: 413MB | Version: Europe
Justice League: Earth's Final Defense Android, thumbnail 1
Making a superhero game is a double-edged sword. You need to make the players feel like they really are invulnerable aliens in tights and capes, but you also have to put them in jeopardy, so that they have something to strive against.

The problem is, Superman could punch a hole through the world without breaking a sweat, so any suggestion that an ordinary bullet could harm him breaks the illusion that you're the man of steel.

Man of lead

Justice League: Earth's Final Defense doesn't so much answer this question as fatally ignore it. Supes is regularly taken down by common-or-garden human criminals, Wonder Woman is beaten to a pulp by intelligent gorillas, and Flash, fast as he may be on occasion, can't even outrun a spear.

The game lets you choose between one of five of DC Comics's super-powered stars. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are available from the get go, while you need to buy Green Lantern and the Flash through in-app purchases.

You lead your selected super soldier through four stages and 20 levels of mindless button-mashing violence, levelling-up and spending skill points to become stronger and faster, and on new ways of stomping on the heads of your sworn enemies.

The controls are reasonably solid, and the third-person fixed camera never gets in the way of the endless swathes of colour-coded bad guys you're pummelling into mist.

Average heroes

An interesting touch is the inclusion of support cards, which you collect while you play. These are B-list DC heroes who you can attach to your character for different stat boosts depending on who you choose.

Justice League: Earth's Final Defense is about as subtle as a super-punch to the crotch, but it does have its moments - especially once you've levelled-up your heroes and unlocked the various super-moves and special abilities at their disposal.

There's a decent amount of mindless fun to be had here, and while the game never captures the feel of Batman or Superman there are enough things to punch, shoot with your heat vision, or run around really quickly that you won't be too upset.

Justice League: Earth's Final Defense
Reviewer photo
Harry Slater | 3 August 2012
It might not have the longevity of its legendary cast of characters, but as long as you don't mind punching things a lot, Justice League: Earth's Final Defense will keep you entertained for a while
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