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Jake Escapes HD
Up, up, and away
by Matt Wales 22/5/2012
Product: Jake Escapes HD
Developer: Just Funny Games
Publisher: Just Funny Games
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Action, Arcade, Platform
Players: 1
File size: 205MB
Version: Europe
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World-renowned tea leaf Jake loves to escape. From Area 51 to Paris, if there's intercontinental fleeing on your mind, then Jake's your man.

Inexplicably, most of Jake's daring getaways involve scampering up the sides of buildings collecting banal bric-a-brac, but who are we to judge?

In Jake Escapes HD, the titular criminal is on a quest for the Holy Grail. Well, the "G.R.A.I.L.", to be more precise. Unfortunately for the superstar thief, everyone else and his mafioso dog is sniffing around trying to discover the G.R.A.I.L.'s exact location in Area 51, too.

Neighbourhood Watch ...
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An attractively presented arcade climber that's seriously undermined by frustrating controls and unadventurous design
Audio/visual: 8
Gameplay: 5
Value: 7
Innovation: 6
Overall: 5
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