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Inotia 3: Children of Carnia

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An acquired taste

Product: Inotia 3: Children of Carnia | Publisher: Com2uS | Format: Android | Genre: RPG | Players: 1 | File size: 25.5MB | Version: US
Inotia 3: Children of Carnia Android, thumbnail 1
Tastes change. Things that were unpleasant as a kid often become enjoyable as an adult. I wouldn't touch broccoli with a ten-foot pole when I was younger, but now it finds its way into dinner every so often.

Games are similar. What passed for entertainment several years ago doesn't always cut it today. Level-grinding role-playing was all the rage more than a decade ago, but the genre has since moved forward.

Inotia 3: Children of Carnia sticks to old conventions rather than getting with the times, catering to the role-playing tastes of last decade with its uninspired storytelling, missions that play out like chores, and slapdash iPad support.

Role-playing reprisal

You've played this game before - as the unlikely, youthful hero whose destiny involves saving the world from an ancient evil, you traipse the land killing enemies with sword and magic. It's a cliche story with predictable settings, although to be fair Inotia 3 isn't alone in sticking with convention in this regard.

In spite of this, there's charm in the colourful graphics and cheery music. The adorable sprite characters, simple soundtrack, and pleasantly typical environments are sure invoke a sense of nostalgia. It doesn't hurt that the quest is a lengthy one, so you can be sure you're getting good value.

More disappointing are the wafer-thin characters and poorly written dialogue. It's easy to swallow a familiar story, yet the one-dimensional characters make it difficult to care at all about what happens outside of combat. Main hero Lucio, for example, is so narrowly focused on his crush on party member Ameli that the game feels more like an episode of Glee than a quest to save the world.

Part of the problem is the dialogue, which not only is stiff and unnatural, but also riddled with mistakes. Characters speak too formally, which often gives their interactions an unnatural quality. Worse still, there are plenty of errors in the text from misspellings to awkward word choices.

Chores list

While it's possible to put up with a less-than-perfect translation, warming up to the gameplay is another matter. Instead of abandoning tedious item fetch quests which dominated the previous two instalments, Inotia 3 continues to embrace them. In fact, your very first mission is to kill a bunch of enemies in order to collect the items they drop.

This sort of rote design does nothing to energise the experience: wandering a forest hunting bears that randomly drop bear tongues isn't fun. Some story-critical missions double-down on item quests asking you to seek out several different items - as if searching for five copies of three different items is somehow more enjoyable.

Options for equipping your characters - you're able to manage up to three in your party at any given time - and developing their abilities via a simple skill tree are decent, although without compelling missions to keep you playing there's little reason to invest much time tinkering with your party.

One size doesn't fit all

Joining the aforementioned shortcomings are numerous minor annoyances. There's the mediocre virtual D-pad, which should be replaced by a contextual analogue stick. The menus are often slow to respond, particularly the skill menu.

On iPad, these issues are proportionally worse. As a result of enlarging the iPhone and iPod touch version without any optimisation, the graphics are horribly pixelated and the interface is completely wrong. The D-pad, for instance, covers an obscene amount of the screen because Com2uS up-scaled the game without any consideration for the result.

Inotia 3 generally feels halfhearted, as though it's going through the motions and not paying careful attention to detail. It appeals to old tastes, but won't satisfy the craving for something more polished and progressive.
Inotia 3: Children of Carnia
Reviewer photo
Tracy Erickson | 7 January 2011
Inotia 3: Children of Carnia is competent and unexciting, a by-the-numbers level-grinding game that lacks the polish and energy of its betters
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Feb 2012
Post count:
tiramishu88 | 18:08 - 20 February 2012
hi, i had the same problem with 51Autumn51...can someone tell me how to go to DION ? i'm now at the Crene, how to go to DION? anyone can tell me? PLZ.....
Feb 2012
Post count:
tiramishu88 | 18:03 - 20 February 2012
Dec 2011
Post count:
51Autumn51 | 03:05 - 29 December 2011
so i'm stuck in Dione
and i have
6 quests im suppose to do
(Meet portal master of the derelict land)
(Named subjugation:Beginner)
(Red ostrich comb)
wanted: Jacquard)
(stolen relief supply)
and merciless punishment
then 2 MAIN ones Gathering information
and Cancelling petrification spell
AND IM SOO STUCK I DK WERE TO GO im stuck in Dione!! Ughh Helpp
Aug 2011
Post count:
letitbe68 | 18:31 - 11 August 2011
I really disagree with this review. Perhaps the reviewer just doesn't like this style of RPG games (who knows?)

BTW i play on the HTC Aria.

I got the free (ad-supported version) of the android market and I think this is the best free game I have ever gotten. The ads aren't terrible. You get some of the banner ads on top when you are paused in the game (to equip, add skills, etc.) and you get some full-screen ads when you go from map to map. You just hit the X on the top of the ad and proceed with the game.

The game (so far) is not super hard. You start out real easy killing reindeer for leather and scaffold up to killing hordes of monsters. The character art is pleasant and sometimes funny. The ability to pick your class and customize skills is pretty quality, especially for a free game. I like how you can change your party's appearance with the different equipable items (helms, armor, etc.) You can't do that with other free RPG games like Giardia.

The quests are simple enough and mostly servie to get you money and experience. If you love getting loot, then it is really satisfying. You might be trying to get a bear tongues for the priest in the villiage and end up with other fun items instead (dice, weapons, armor, money, health and mana potions.) Take you loot back to town and sell it for cash or appraise it or use it to make cool items.

I like that some items are kind of mystery items. They will say the basic type (ex: hat) and say they need to appraised. You take them to the armor shop with an appraisal paper and see what you got. You might get a super crappy item (super cheap broken cap) worth literally nothing, or you might get a powerful magical item that you would not find is shops are is super valuable. It is a fun "mini-game."
Another fun "mini-game" is the recipe book. It is an alchemy style element that you find in many RPGs. You can find or buy many composition materials and recipies. You go to the item-making machines in the grocery store and use the components to make potions and other useful items. It is fun for collector types and lends futher purpose to the grind-style quests/monster killing for money part of the game.

There are some minor irritations of course. The lag can be annoying on the character interface (where the skills/equip stuff is.) The dialog can be really long and sometimes laggy, although that is just par for the course if you like RPGs like this. There is a really handy skip button if you just want the action. The worst thing that happened to me was that I bought a nice set of armor from a travelling trader in a cave and it DID NOT show up in my inventory. The money for it (half of what I had) was gone however. LAME. I almost wondered it it was intentional ( the armor had much better defense stats than anything else I was able to buy for my level and disappeared from the trader's inventory after I bought it.) Either way, it pissed me off. I really needed that.
I'm about half-way through the game and it is fun and addicting for me. I can't play it right now because my boyfriend is playing his own game (you can have up to 3 different games saved) and he feels the same way I do. I will definatly replay as different character classes. Totally worth it for free or for $.
Anonymous | 07:07 - 15 February 2011
the game in my opinion is awsome despite some minor mistakes
like the one just up there ^
Its a very rewarding game though after the god is beaten it becomes mass grinding.
its a great game with good replayability
Anonymous | 05:01 - 13 January 2011
I strongly disagree with the reviews posted. Although the game continues the item drop quests which can be at times boring, i think that the gameplay is rewarding and the story is compelling. The previous games i will admit were borderline terrible. The first game lacked a structural storyline on which to build the game and the gameplay was repetitive. The second game however fixed some of these problems and although the storyline was still lacking intrest, the gameplay became more complex with the chart for leveling up and such. The third in my opinion gave a story to which the player thinks about long after the game is beaten, reviewing all that happened and what a great game it was. I believe that this games deserves at least an 8 being that it fixed almost everything wrong with it and provided an amazing story.