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New Infinity Blade Dungeons gameplay footage shows weapon-forging mini-game and more
by Anthony Usher 18/5/2012
Product: Infinity Blade Dungeons
Developer: Epic Games
Publisher: Epic Games
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Action, Adventure
At Apple's latest iPad event back in March, Epic Games's Mike Capps took to the stage to unveil Infinity Blade Dungeons - a top-down Diablo-esque dungeon-crawler that's scheduled to hit iOS later this year.

We haven't heard much about this slice 'n' dice-'em-up since it was announced, but website Joystiq has posted some all-new gameplay footage of it.

In the short video (posted below), the game's protagonist is battling it out with a range of different foes, including spiders, a vicious dog-like creature, and something that looks like a bear wearing armour.

Those with eagle eyes will be able to spy a mini-game, too, that allows you to forge your own weapons using timed taps and swipes of your device's screen.

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