PSP Mini Hungry Giraffe heading higher, higher to iPhone
By Matthew Diener 10 May 2012
Game Name: Hungry Giraffe | Developer: Laughing Jackal | Format: iPhone, PSP | Genre: Casual, Platform
Uk developer Laughing Jackal confirmed via email that its critically acclaimed game Hungry Giraffe will soon come to the iPhone.

The relatively simple gameplay of Hungry Giraffe (which we covered in our review of the PSP version) is perhaps the game's greatest asset.

You control a giraffe with an insatiable appetite and lead him on a quest from the forest floor to the heights of outer space in an attempt to find a bite to eat.

There is no complex system of upgrades or sidequests to manage: all a player need do is guide the giraffe’s snaking neck upwards to collect more fruit.

Winner by a neck

Yet even the simplest games have their obstacles to overcome, and Hungry Giraffe is no exception.

Floating anvils, hovering dumbbells, and screen-obscuring splats make the task of feeding the giraffe an exciting challenge.

While no official release date was given for the greatest giraffe-feeding game of all time, we will provide more information on the availability and pricing of Hungry Giraffe as it becomes available.

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