Glu prepares for a 2013 full of PVP action thanks to Age of Fate, Dragon Storm and Mobster Shootout
By Jon Jordan 20 November 2012
Game Name: Glu Mobile news | Manufacturer: Glu Mobile | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
It doesn't take a genius to understand games involving Player Versus Player (PVP) action are currently ruling the top grossing charts.

Whether card-battlers like Rage of Bahamut, or asynchronous PVP games like Clash of Clans and Kingdoms of Camelot (or even the forthcoming multiplayer mode for CSR Racing), inter-personal success and failure is what's driving monetisation and retention.

And that's the area Glu Mobile is looking to target with its forthcoming games.

Punch my mates up

Of course, the company has some previous experience in the area, particularly in terms of the real-time co-operative play as seen in its games such as Gun Bros. and Contract Killer.

But now, also thanks to its ownership of online gaming technology GameSpy, it's looking to really push this element.

In this way, early 2013 will see the much anticipated release of Gun Bros. 2 (again including a strong co-op player mode).

The real-time PVP genre will be covered by titles such as Mobster Shootout and fantasy RPG card-battler Age of Fate.

Asynchronous PVP will be provided by the city-building and alliance-focused Dragon Storm.

The latter three titles have been developed by Glu's Griptonite studio and are currently undergoing beta testing.

The final title worth highlighting is Mobsters & Gangstas, which is the sequel to Glu's Big Time Gangsta.
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