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Gameloft issues formal apology over free-to-play version of iOS action game Hero of Sparta 2

All forgiven?

Product: Gameloft news | Manufacturer: Gameloft
Gameloft news iPhone, thumbnail 1
French publisher Gameloft has used its Facebook page to issue a formal apology over the recent switching of its God of War-esque slasher Hero of Sparta 2 into a free-to-play title.

The complaints mainly centred on the addition of adverts to the formally premium title - a move that understandably upset those that had originally paid money for the game.

Gonzague de Vallois, VP of worldwide publishing for Gameloft, said in a statement that the company had listened to these complaints, and admitted that "the gaming experience has been dampened in this new version".

"With the craziness of the Christmas period, this game update didn’t go through our usual quality process."

Gameloft has now removed all adverts from the game and reinstated the Bronze Award winner's £2.99 / $4.99 [buy] price tag.

Reviewer photo
Anthony Usher 22 December 2011
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Apr 2011
Post count:
lucks143 | 16:34 - 22 December 2011
They need to make a formal apology for existing these days. Everyone hates gameloft now. they have ruined themselves and their games because of freemuim. Gameloft will eventually go bankrupt over this, and its deserved.
Dec 2011
Post count:
Wyroea | 16:48 - 22 December 2011
"usual quality process"
pah, Gameloft has been spitting out bad games for years, the last good one being Altair's Chronicles (debatable)
at least they tried here
I picked this when I saw it was free, knowing that they would have to revert and I would get it free (lul)
No hating intended
Jul 2008
Post count:
lumothesinner | 17:04 - 22 December 2011
Also anyone who picked it up for free with ads, can just delete their ad version and redownload the original version for free - lucky me
Dec 2010
Post count:
PG BBilson | 01:12 - 23 December 2011
Heh, I'm watching the DH3 reviews closely. Interesting how the first few that rolled in were all 5 stars, non? ;-)
Dec 2011
Post count:
Quazonk | 03:13 - 23 December 2011
Gameloft sucks now anyways. They absolutely do not give a rat's ass about their fanbase. It's almost like they dislike their fans, the way they ignore them. Boycotted FOREVER, I don't even care if they release 20 premium titles for free as an apology, they can kiss my ass. Gameloft to me in now French for "greedy assholes".
Apr 2010
Post count:
jeffyg3 | 14:04 - 23 December 2011
It's not all forgiven in the least bit. How about Brain Challenge 2 which I paid $5 for...became free like Hero of Sparta II and filled with ads, and it still is chocked full of ads. Why only Hero of Sparta II? They want to apologize, but only reconsile for one of their horrible mistakes? It's absolutely ridiculous.

I've lost a lot of respect with Gameloft, changing a couple of their few good premium series for the worse and making them fremium, but their actions with turning games I paid full price on and making them free filled with ads was the last straw. Then they aplogize and only fix one of the games they did this to? They need to fix their mistakes to all the games they did their pathetic and idiotic bad choices with, and then they can apologize properly.

No, not all forgiven at all. Gameloft has lost my respect and support. Never buying another Gameloft game again, also no longer paying monthly for Order and Chaos.
Nov 2011
Post count:
Chivas77 | 22:30 - 23 December 2011
I hadn't purchased Hero of Sparta 2, but I have paid for Brain Challenge 2 which Gameloft have reduced to free ad infected garbage. It's not just that, I also bought The Oregon Trail at full price a while ago, and with their most recent update they've basically made the game unplayable, as you need to fork over more cash via in app purchases.

I'm done with Gameloft, totally. They've got a huge sale on right now, and I haven't bought a single game. I have bought stuff from loads of other publishers like Telltale games, EA, Popcap, Chair Entertainment, Rockstar etc, I've spent loads of money in the last couple of weeks since I bought my shiny white 4S, but I really don't want to deal with Gameloft...ever.

There's so many fantastic games that have come out recently from other companies, you actually no longer need to buy anything from Gameloft, I mean if you want GTA, well buy the real thing there's GTA 3 and Chinatown wars on the AppStore, no need to put with second best any longer, this ain't 2008 anymore.
Dec 2011
Post count:
nihadkhan | 05:30 - 28 December 2011
Freemium is future of gaming .they dont need to apologies.