George R.R. Martin's assistant is helping Telltale out with its forthcoming Game of Thrones video game series
By Chris James 29 April 2014
Game Name: Game of Thrones | Publisher: Telltale Games | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Adventure, RPG
Telltale's in-production Game of Thrones series has just got a whole lot more interesting with the news that the assistant to Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin is helping Telltale make the land of Westoros all the more convincing.

Ty Corey Franck is a consultant for the Game of Thrones TV show, is Martin's personal assistant, and is now officially acting as a story consultant for Telltale's upcoming video game adaptation.

Franck is a successful author in his own right, mind, penning The Expanse series with fellow author Daniel Abraham under the pseudonym James S.A. Corey.

Not a bad choice, then, to ensure that this upcoming episodic video game series is every bit as gritty, sexy, and downright nasty (in a good way) as the TV show. We hope.

Telltale signed the deal with HBO last year to produce an episodic video game spin-off of the incredibly popular fantasy property, similar to its work on The Walking Dead.

Though details of the game are about as scarce as a smile from Jon Snow, we can tell you that the game will draw inspiration from both the Song of Ice and Fire novels and the TV show. Oh, and that there will be combat (though the focus will be more on plot).

Game of Thrones is expected to debut later this year. As ever, we'll be sure to keep you posted as soon as more information is available.
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